Card Games

Poker Rules

Bet chips and play poker! It is played between 2 and 10 players, and a game can last a very long time. Learn the detailed rules of No Limit Texas Hold’em, the most popular poker game. Equipment –  52 cards (without jokers) and 2 or more players. –  Chips representing the best you will play …

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Dutch Blitz rules

Dutch Blitz

Dutch is a card game that combines memory and tactics and is very popular in the evening for 2 to 6 players. Played in several rounds, the aim is to get rid of the strongest cards to finish the game with the fewest points possible. Material Packs of 52 cards, without jokers. Set up Shuffle …

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Punto Rules


Punto is a card and strategy game for 2 to 4 players, from 7 years old. The aim of the game is to create a series by aligning cards of the same colour. The number of cards to be aligned varies according to the number of players. Material 72 cards of 4 different colours, 1 …

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5 Card Draw Poker Rules

Poker with 5 cards

Probably the most classic form of poker known, and one of the oldest, Classic Poker is played with players who are dealt five cards directly into their hand. There are still betting and bidding phases as in Texas Hold’em, but this form of poker is less complicated. Before playing All you need is a set …

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Pyramid Rules

Pyramid card game

Pyramid is a classic card game that can be played solo. The aim is to form as many pairs worth 13 points as possible using cards from a Pyramid and a deck. Pyramid is a game that only requires a deck of 52 classic cards. Before you start  You must first form the pyramid. Take …

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The Chinese Poker Rules

Chinese Poker

A variant of poker that is very popular in Asia and among some Americans, Chinese Poker is a card game played by 2, 3 or 4 players. The goal is, as in classic poker, to make combinations of cards of a higher value than those of your opponents. However, in Chinese Poker, you will have …

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Baccarat Rules


Baccarat is a game of chance and table play. The goal of each player is to guess which hand will win the round. He or she can then bet on the player’s hand, the banker’s hand or the undecided hand, and on a tie between the two hands Contents 6 packs of 52 cards, 1 …

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Palm Tree Rules

palm trees

Palm trees is a card game, ideal for drunken nights with friends. Also known as “the circle”, you need to be at least 3 players and 18 years old or older to play. The objective is to draw a card, perform the corresponding action and not break the circle formed. Contents 1 pack of 52 …

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Crazy Eights Rules

Crazy Eights

Crazy Eights is a card game that dates back to the 1930s. It is played between 2 and 7 players and is suitable for both children and adults. The objective of the game The objective of the game is to end up with as few points as possible. To achieve this, players must be the …

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The Battle

Below you will find the rules of the battle game. Show that luck is with you by collecting all your opponents’ cards. Material You can play the battle with 2 players. You need a deck of 52 cards or 32 cards (without jokers). The value of the cards It is important to know that the …

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Old Maid Rules

Be smart and get rid of all your cards by creating pairs of cards to avoid being the louse! Discover the rules of the Old Maid. Equipment The following items will be essential to play Old Maid: a 32-card deck for 2 to 4 players a 52-card deck, if the number of players is more …

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Belote Rules

Form two teams of two players and play a great contract game called Belote. The rules for Belote are given below, so may the best team win! Material To play Belote, you will need : -4 players divided into two teams of two players -a deck of 32 cards (7, 8, 9, 10, jack, queen, …

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Bridge Rules

Bridge consists of playing all 52 cards in a round and getting as many tricks as possible. At the beginning of the round, each player announces the contract of tricks (tricks) that his or her team wishes to obtain and must make sure that this contract is fulfilled at the end of the round. Equipment …

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The Elevator Rules

Discover the super fun game “Elevator”, which will allow you to spend a pleasant moment with your family or friends. The rules related to this game will be offered to you below. Equipment   You need : 3 to 8 players A deck of 52 cards Distribution of cards and rounds The elevator is composed of …

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Kem’s Rules

Kem’s consists in forming 4 identical cards or a “Kem’s” and to make your partner understand it thanks to a secret sign, without your opponents finding out. Discover the rule. Material To play Kem’s, you need: -a number of 4 to 6 players -a deck of 52 cards -a paper and a pencil to keep …

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Pay Me Rules


Pay Me is a combination card game for 2 to 4 players from 12 years old. Discover the rules of this game and have a great time with family or friends. Material To play Pay Me, you need 52 cards Setup Choose a dealer In the first round, each player receives 3 cards In the …

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Queen of Spades Rules

Queen of Spades is a card game for 4 players where the goal is to finish the game with as few points as possible. The cards Hearts and the Queen of Spades are the only cards with points, so players will try to get rid of them. Content 1 pack of 52 cards Card order …

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Pyramid Rules


Pyramid is a card and drinking game for at least 2 players. It consists of comparing the cards in your hand with the cards that form the pyramid. For each card of the same value, drink a shot. Material 1 deck of 52 cards, Set up With the cards face down, form a pyramid flat …

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Ligretto Rules

Ligretto game

Ligretto is a card and speed game for several players. The game can be played by anyone who’s 8 or older. The object of Ligretto is to get rid of as many cards as possible to collect the highest number of points. Note Number of players Number of boxes Up to 4 players 1 Up …

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Hanafuda Rules

Hanafuda game

Hanafuda or “flower cards” is a traditional Japanese card game. It is played by 2 players who are 8 years old or over. The goal is to obtain the highest score possible by matching cards from the same suit and forming combinations called “yaku”. Contents What You Need to Play Object of the Game Setup …

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Scopa and Escoba Rules

Scopa and Escoba game

Scopa and Escoba are two similar card games. The first game is from Italy while the second game comes from Spain. The object of the game is to collect as many cards (referred to as tricks) as possible. To Play the Game, You Need the Following: The Number of Players Scopa Escoba The Cards Ace …

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President Rules

President game

President is a card game that is generally played by adults. It is  known by several names, including Asshole, Scum, and Capitalism. The game has many variations, and is played by 4 to 7 players. What You Need to Play Objective of the Game The objective of the game is simple: Be the first player …

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Kemps Rules

Kemps game

Kemps consists of collecting a four of a kind and signaling it to your partner without your opponents noticing. Here, we’re going to be describing the rules of this party classic. Contents To play Kemps, you need:– a number of 4 to 6 players– a deck of 52 cards– a paper and a pencil to …

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5 Players Tarot Game Rules

5-player Tarot game

The 5-player Tarot game is a card game that combines strategy and bluffing. We see a player called the taker, having to work along or with their partner against 3 or 4 opponents constituting the defense. The taker and their partner are declared winners if they fulfill their bid. To do this, they have to …

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Tarot rules

Tarot is a very old card game. Much appreciated because it combines strategy and reflection, tarot is a family game whose goal is to obtain the maximum number of points.  Contents and Goal of the Game A classic game of Tarot is played with 4 players. The object of a tarot game is to make …

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Blackjack Rules

Blackjack game

Blackjack is a thrilling and extremely popular casino game. Additionally, it is also a popular game to play with friends and family at home. Here, you’re going to learn the rules of Blackjack whose principle is simply to beat the dealer by achieving a score of 21! Requirements You need the following elements to play …

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