The Elevator Rules

Discover the super fun game “Elevator”, which will allow you to spend a pleasant moment with your family or friends. The rules related to this game will be offered to you below.


 You need :

  • 3 to 8 players
  • A deck of 52 cards

Distribution of cards and rounds

The elevator is composed of a series of rounds.
These different rounds will have an increasing and decreasing number of cards (hence the name “elevator”).
In the first round, all players will play with one card. During the second round, they will play with 2 cards and so on until there are no more cards to deal or until the turn defined at the beginning of the game.

Before starting the game

  • The dealer gives the number of cards to each player
  • The remaining cards will be placed in the center of the table to form the deck.
  • The dealer turns over the first card of the stockpile and it will be used as a trump card

Methods of announcing the number of tricks

There are two ways to announce the number of tricks:

Announcement by turn
  • Each player announces in turn the number of tricks he plans to win.
  • The total number of tricks announced must never be equal to (or greater than) the number of cards dealt to each player (it must be less).
  • For this method of announcement, there will certainly be a player who will not be able to realize the number of tricks he plans to win (especially for the dealer because he announces last).
    3 players each have 8 cards in hand. The first player announces 2 tricks, the second player announces 3 tricks, the third player is not allowed to announce 3 tricks because the total number of tricks is 8 (the number of cards in hand for each player). The third player must then announce 2 or 1 trick (less than 8).
Simultaneous announcement
  • Each player secretly estimates the number of tricks he could win during a round by writing it down on a piece of paper for example.
  • When all players have decided on the number of tricks they plan to win, this number will then be made public simultaneously.
  • For this method of announcement, there will be no constraints on the dealer (the player who plays last).

Flow of the game

  • In turn, each player announces the number of tricks he plans to win during the current round (choose a method of announcement before starting the game)
  • The player to the left of the dealer starts the round and ends with the dealer
  • Play is clockwise
  • The first player plays a card of his choice
  • The following players must play a card of the same symbol as the one played before if they have the suit in hand.
  • If they do not have any cards of the symbol, the players can discard.
  • When all the players’ cards have been played, the round is over.
  • The player who wins the round wins the game.
  • The game continues in this way until there is only one card left for the players to deal (end of game).

√ The Ace card is the strongest, followed by the King, Queen, Jack, etc.
The cards of the trump suit are the strongest
If a player does not have any cards of the same symbol (heart, club…) as the one played previously, he will have to play a card of the trump suit (the card turned over at the beginning of the game). This action is called “cutting”.
A card of the trump suit will be higher than the one of the played symbol.
The player who wins the trick puts the cards in front of him face down and can play one of the cards he has in his hand with the symbol of his choice.

End of a round

At the end of each round, the players total the number of tricks they have made.
If a player has made the number of tricks he/she announced, he/she gets 10 points +5 points per trick.
If a player has not succeeded in obtaining the number of tricks he announced, 5 points will be lost for the difference between the number of tricks announced and the one obtained (example: a player has announced 3 tricks and he obtains 2 tricks at the end of a round. He gets 5*(3-2) = 6 points).