The Battle

Below you will find the rules of the battle game. Show that luck is with you by collecting all your opponents’ cards.


You can play the battle with 2 players. You need a deck of 52 cards or 32 cards (without jokers).

The value of the cards

It is important to know that the color of the cards does not matter when playing the Battle. The cards are ranked from 2 to Ace (Ace being the highest card, 2 the lowest). Here is the value of the cards, from the highest to the lowest (from left to right):

Before starting the game

  • The dealer deals all the cards to each player face down. He deals them one by one or two by two.
  • Each player places his pack in front of him without looking at his cards.
  • The game can now begin

Flow of the game

  • All players simultaneously place the first card of their respective pack face up
    Compare the values of the cards and the player with the highest value wins all the cards on the table.

In this picture, the King wins over the 2.

  • The player who won the previously played cards places them face down right next to him. This forms a pile of cards for the won cards.
  • Repeat until one player has all the cards from the other players or until he or she has “Battle”.


A”Battleoccurs when two players (or more if you are playing with 4 or 6 players) have played two cards with the same highest values.|

√ At this point, each person places another card face down on top of his or her card (the identical cards)

√ After that, everyone places another card on top of the last one (the one that was placed face down), but face up.
√ The last card played (the one that was placed face up) that has a higher value wins all the cards on the table.
√ Whoever has the highest card then takes all the cards on the table and places them face down in their pile of cards (the ones that were set aside).
Be careful! When the players doing the “Battle” place the new card face up, and they are the same and higher than the other players who participated in the battle. The players in question will repeat the operation until the card of one has a higher value than the other.
When a player’s deck is depleted, he or she will now have to play the pile of cards he or she has set aside. This will then be his new deck.

End of a game

The game ends when a player gets all the cards of his opponents. This player is then the winner.


Battle without unknowns
This variant consists in not placing a card face down when there is a “Battle”. The players with the highest value and identical cards will have to place only one card face up on top of those that were identical.

Rules of the battle pdf