Punto Rules

Punto is a card and strategy game for 2 to 4 players, from 7 years old. The aim of the game is to create a series by aligning cards of the same colour. The number of cards to be aligned varies according to the number of players.


  • 72 cards of 4 different colours,
  • 1 iron box,
  • 1 rule booklet.

Aim of the game

  • The aim of the game is to create a series of cards of the same colour aligned vertically, horizontally or diagonally.
  • The number of cards to be aligned depends on the number of players:
Number of players Line-up cards
3 – 44

How is a game played?

  • A game of Punto consists of 2 rounds.
  • In each round, the player shuffles his pack of cards.

Set up

  • A colour has 2 sets of cards numbered from 1 to 9.
  • With 4 players, each player chooses a colour and the corresponding pack of cards.
  • With 3 players, the fourth colour, called neutral, is divided between the players.
  • With 2 players, each player chooses two suits and the corresponding packs of cards.
  • Each player shuffles their cards into a deck, face down, in front of them.
  • The youngest player starts.
  • Play clockwise.

How do you play?

  • On his turn, the player lays down 1 card.
  • A card can be placed on top of another card by one side or by one end.
  • A card can be placed on top of another card, if its value is higher than the value of the other card. It is said to override a card.
  • Be careful! All the cards must form a 6 x 6 square.

End of a round

  • As soon as a player has the required number of cards in a row, he wins a round.
  • As soon as a player is unable to lay down a card.
  • In this case, the player with the most sets wins the round.
  • The number of cards in a set changes:
Number of players Line-up cards
3 – 43
  • In the event of a tie, the player with the fewest points in his set wins the round.
  • The winner of a round discards the highest card in their set.
  • The remaining cards are sorted, shuffled and redistributed.
  • The first player in the new round is the one to the left of the winner of the round.
  • In a 3-way game, the neutral cards played are redistributed equally among the players. Any surplus is removed from the game.

End of the game

  • The game ends when a player wins 2 rounds.
  • He is declared the winner.

Team variation

Set up

  • Give each team 2 packs of cards of two different colours.
  • Each team member receives half the cards.
  • The teams take turns playing.

Aim of the game

  • To be the first team to make a series of 5 cards of the same colour.