The value of chess pieces

Determining the value of chess pieces will enable you to use them effectively in a game. The value of a chess piece is often based on the range it covers or the number of squares it commands. Pawn: 1 point – The pawn is the weakest piece in chess. It has a very limited movement …

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Chess Rules

Chess board

Master the art of playing chess. Learn the rules and uncover the countless secrets this fascinating strategy game holds. Equipment In order to fully enjoy the game, you need: A chessboard: made up of 64 squares, including 32 light squares and 32 dark squares. The chessboard is in the shape of a square and it …

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How to Checkmate

How to Checkmate

Checkmating your opponent is the only way to win a game of chess. Learn what checkmate is and how to execute it. Goal of the Chess Game The goal of chess is to checkmate the opponent’s king. Only by executing a checkmate can you secure a victory. Check Before understanding what checkmate is, it’s important …

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Castling in Chess

Castling in chess

Castling is a special move that aims to protect the king and give more freedom to the rook.Learn how castling works and increase your chances of winning at chess! Kingside Castling As the name suggests, this form of castling takes place on the kingside. Kingside castling consists of moving the king two squares towards the …

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