I am a big fan of games in all their forms, board games, video games…, I love to discover new board games, which I play with my friends, my partner, my brothers, sisters and parents. We often look for the rules on the internet and I have often been disappointed with the rules that are too short or that we can’t find.
This is how the idea of Règles2Jeux was born, a website launched at the end of 2021, which is now the website offering the most board game rules in France!

Who am I?

Sébastien, born in 1985, passionate about board games, video games (in the past, I created Tom’s Games / JeuxVideoPC which became JeuxVideo.fr), climbing, sports (windsurfing, skiing…) and all kinds of escapades.
Living in Paris, I am green and vegetarian 🙂

What are my favorite games?

At the moment, I love simple games like Skyjo, Werewolf, Ligretto, Uno but I’m never against a Monopoly, a collaborative game or a management game 🙂


I would like to thank Claire, my partner, for our thousands of hours of discovering new games, Hélo and Anaïs, my 2 sisters, with whom we had a lot of fun at Croque-Carotte, Mistigri, etc. and all my friends who made us discover new nuggets!
I thank you for your support and the many comments you regularly send me!

Thanks to Patrick, a childhood friend who accompanies me in this wonderful adventure and does not hesitate to reread and complete the rules written 🙂