Queen of Spades Rules

Queen of Spades is a card game for 4 players where the goal is to finish the game with as few points as possible. The cards Hearts and the Queen of Spades are the only cards with points, so players will try to get rid of them.


1 pack of 52 cards

Card order

In ascending order, the cards go from 2 to Ace.

Set up

Shuffle the cards.
Distribute all the cards, face down, between the players starting from the left.
Be careful! The dealer changes every round.
The cards must be kept secret.

How to play?

  • The goal is to finish the game with the minimum number of points:
    Getting rid of the Heart cards.Getting rid of the Queen of Spades.
    To reduce your chances of winning Hearts or the Queen of Spades:
  • Get rid of your strong cards at the beginning of the game.
  • Be careful! As long as a player has not dealt his cards, he cannot look at the cards he has received.

1st round

Set up

Deal 3 cards face down to the player on your left.


The player who received the 2 of clubs starts; he must play it.
The rest of the players must follow the suit, which is the club.
Play clockwise.
If you don’t have the requested color, you can play the color of your choice by discarding.
Please note! It is forbidden to play the Queen of Spades and a heart card during the first round.
Whoever plays the highest card in the requested suit wins the trick.
This player starts the next round.
At the beginning of the next round, you can play any card with the exception of:
The heart, which can only be played if it has been previously played to cut.

End of the first round

Once all the cards have been played, the round is over and the points are counted.
Counting the points
The Queen of Spades is worth 13 points.
Each heart card is worth 1 point.

The Grand Slam

A player collects all the heart cards and the queen of spades.
The 26 points from these cards are given to each of his opponents and he wins none.

End of the game

As soon as a player reaches 100 points, the game ends.
The player with the fewest points is declared the winner.

The other rounds

If at the end of a round no one has reached 100 points, a new round is played.

Round 2

The 3 cards are passed to the right.

Round 3

The 3 cards are passed to the player sitting opposite you.

Round 4

No exchange.

Round 5

Repeat the rules from the first round.

Alternative rules for Queen of Spades

  • There are different versions of the game:
    The game ends once a player reaches 50 points.
    The player who achieves a Grand Slam subtracts 26 points from his score instead of giving them to his opponents.
    A version with 36 traditional cards where the Queen of Spades is worth 5 points, the Hearts cards 1 point and the last trick 1 point.
    The Jack of Diamonds loses 10 points to the