Barricade games rules

Barricade is a game where you have to be both lucky and clever. It is played between 2 to 4 players, where each player’s objective is to reach the “finish” square. To do this, they must move forward and move the barricades by rolling the die.

Goal of the game

  • To be the first to reach the “finish” square.


– 1 double-sided game board,

– 1 die,

– 20 counters of 4 different colors,

– 11 barricades.

Set up

  • Place the board in the center of the table.
  • Each player receives 5 pieces and places them on the corresponding squares. These are the starting squares.
  • The barricades are placed on the red squares.
  • The youngest player starts.
  • Then play clockwise.

How does a round go?

  • The player rolls the die and moves one of his pieces as many squares as the number rolled.
  • The player is free to include as many pieces of his own color as he wishes, and may advance any piece he wishes.

The moves

  • The starting squares do not count as a move.
  • The first square is the black square above each player’s starting square.
  • A piece can move to the left, just as it can move to the right.
  • However, it cannot move back and forth during its turn.

Skipping Pieces

  • Whether it’s your own or your opponent’s, you can skip a checker that’s in your path.
  • A skipped checker counts as an empty square.

Skipping checkers

  • Only one piece can be placed on a square.
  • As soon as a piece arrives on a square already occupied, the previous occupant returns to the starting square.


  • You cannot jump barricades.
  • However, you can move
  • To do so, you must land on the barricade by rolling the die.
  • Then move the barricade to a square of your choice.
  • In some versions, you are not allowed to move the barricade to any square in the first row of the board.

Skip your turn

  • If you are unable to move after a roll, you may skip your turn.

End of the game

  • As soon as a player reaches the finish square, the game ends and he/she is declared the winner.

Express variant

  • Turn the board over.
  • Each player will be given 4 counters instead of 5.
  • Place 6 barricades on the red squares.
  • The blue squares are rest areas.
  • Only one piece can be in a resting place at a time.
  • A piece in a resting area cannot be ejected.
  • Similarly, it is not allowed to place a barricade in a resting area.
  • If a piece is ejected from the village (upper part of the board), it returns to the woods (center of the board).
  • The woods can hold several pieces at a time.

Rules in PDF

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