Pyramid card game

Pyramid Rules

Pyramid is a classic card game that can be played solo. The aim is to form as many pairs worth 13 points as possible using cards from a Pyramid and a deck.
Pyramid is a game that only requires a deck of 52 classic cards.

Before you start 

  • You must first form the pyramid. Take the pack of cards, shuffle it, then start by building the pyramid from the top.
  • Put the first card face up, this will be the top. Then put down two cards to form a line below the top. Then do the same on a lower line with 3 cards. Continue in this way, adding one card per line until the last line has 6 cards.
  • Once the pyramid is built, place the rest of the cards lower down: this is the draw pile. Place the cards from the deck face up.
  • The game can begin. 

How the game is played

  • The aim of the game is to obtain combinations of 2 cards worth 13 points. The points per card are distributed as follows: Ace for 1 point, 2 for 2 points and so on. Ten cards are worth 10 points. The Jack is worth 11 points, the Queen 12 points and the King 13 points.
  • The King is the only card that can be discarded directly and put aside. 

How to make combinaisons?

Here are the rules for making your combinations: 

  • at the beginning you can only use the cards from the base of the pyramid (6th row)
  • you can use the cards from the deck. To do this, take the first card from the top and place it face up next to the deck.
  • You can use the top card of the deck, the card from the deck and the cards from the pyramid to form the combinations
  • Pyramid cards that are covered by other cards may not be used
  • If a card in the next row of the pyramid is free (not covered by another card), you can use it.
  • If the deck is exhausted, you can reset it to continue using the deck. However, depending on your game mode, you have a limited number of resets of the deck (usually 3).

End of the game

  • The game ends either when you can no longer make any card combinations worth 13 points or when you can no longer use your deck of cards.
  • You can continue to play even if you have used all the cards in your deck. 
  • If you manage to combine all the cards in the pyramid, the game ends.