Simon Says Rules

Simon says is an outdoor game for at least 3 people, from 3 years old. It consists in following only the instructions preceded by the phrase “Simon says…”.

Before starting…

  • Designate a leader for the game.
  • He or she must stand in front of the rest of the players.

How do you play?

  • The leader gives an instruction.
    – If it is preceded by the phrase “Simon says…”, the players must follow it.
    – If it is not preceded by the phrase “Simon says…”, the players do not have to follow it.

Getting eliminated

  • When a player does not follow the instruction preceded by “Simon says…”.
  • When a player follows the instruction that is not preceded by, “Simon says…”.

Winning the game

  • The last player in a row wins the game.
  • He will become the leader.