The Yes or No Game Rules

Yes or No is the ideal game for children and adults alike. To play, you must avoid saying the words “yes” and “no”.


The following items are not available to play Ni oui ni non:
-players 7 years of age and older
-between 2 and 6 players
-a game board

-55 children’s cards and 55 adult cards
-counters of different colors depending on the number of players
-a bell


  • Each player chooses the color of his counter and places it on the board in the first square (the square of the same color as the counter)
  • Place the bell in the middle of the game board
  • Shuffle the piles of children and adult cards separately and place them face down in front of you
  • The game can now begin

Goal of the game

The game Ni oui ni non consists in answering all the questions asked by the reader, while avoiding using the words “yes” and “no”.

How the game is played

  • Choose one player to start the game and this player will act as the reader (the one asking the questions)
  • The player to the left of him/her will be the first to answer the questions during the round
  • The reader takes the first card from the children’s or adults’ pile (depending on the age of the player answering the questions)
  • He/she will have to press the buzzer to mark the beginning of the round
  • He asks the player to his left all the questions that are displayed on the card
  • If the latter manages to answer all the questions without using the words “yes” and “no”, he will be allowed to move his piece forward one square
  • If he answers a question with “yes” or “no”, he will not be allowed to move his piece forward
    ♦ If a player answers a question with “yes” or “no”, the other players who are on a “Bling” square can press the bell. The player who presses the bell first and as quickly as possible will have his or her piece moved forward one square.

    The white boxes are the Bling boxes♦ Players on the “Bling” squares may also press the buzzer when the player answering the questions does the following:
    -takes too long to answer a question
    -they don’t know how to answer a question
    -mimics the words yes or no with head gestures
    -answers one question with “if
    -answers two questions with the same answer twice in a row
  • When the reader has finished asking all the questions, he/she hands the card to the lowest member of the corresponding pile (child or adult)
  • He/she passes the role of reader to the player on his/her left (the one who was answering the questions) to start a new round of the game
  • The player to the left of the new reader will be the one to answer the new questions
  • The new player draws a card, presses the bell, asks the questions, returns the card to the corresponding pile after finishing and passes the turn to the other two players on his left
  • The game continues like this until one player manages to get to the middle square first

End of the game

The game ends when one player reaches the middle square first. This player will be the lucky winner of the game!