Battleship Rules

Battleship is a strategy game played by two players. Each player, in turn, attempts to locate and sink their opponent’s ships. The player who manages to sink all of their opponent’s ships wins the game.

The contents of the game:

Each box contains:

  • 2 consoles ;
  • 10 ships (2 aircraft carriers, 2 battleships, 2 destroyers, 2 submarines, and 2 patrol boats);
  • 84 red torpedoes “hit”;
  • 168 white torpedoes ‘missed’;
  • 1 sheet of stickers.

How to set up the game:

If this is your first time playing the game, peel off the stickers marked “Touch and cast” or “Battleship” (depending on the version) and stick one on each console.

Each console consists of:

  • An ocean grid where the player’s ships will be placed;
  • A target grid where the torpedoes will try to hit the opposing ships;
  • A compartment for the ships;
  • A compartment for the red torpedoes;
  • A compartment for white torpedoes.
  • Detach the 10 ships from their frames and divide them between the two players. A fleet has 5 different ships, each with a certain number of holes.
  • Divide the torpedoes equally between the two opponents. Each opponent must then place them in the compartments reserved for this purpose.
  • To start the game, face each other and place your ships on your ocean grid.
  • Each player must lift the lid of their console to hide the location of the ships.
  • The ships can be placed either vertically or horizontally on the grid. They must not overlap a number or letter, and once the game has started, they cannot be moved.

How the game is played

  • Both players decide who starts the game.
  • They take turns giving coordinates (a letter and a number) in the hope of hitting an opposing ship.
  • If the coordinates match the location of a ship, the opponent must announce it by saying “hit.” You may decide at the beginning of the game whether to specify which ship is hit (aircraft carrier, battleship, destroyer, submarine, or patrol boat) or not.
  • Both players must then place a red torpedo on the hit position : the attacker on his target grid and the opponent on his ocean grid.
  • If the shot misses, the opponent must announce “miss,” but only the attacker places a white torpedo on his target grid.

How to sink a ship and win the game

  • Once all the holes of a ship have been marked by a torpedo, it sinks. The opponent must then announce the name of the sunken ship.
  • The first player to sink all 5 of their opponent’s ships wins the game.

Tips for improving your game

  • The location of your ships can already determine the outcome of the game:
  • Be unpredictable.
  • Place your ships asymmetrically and in such a way that they do not get too close.
  • Place some of your ships at the end of the ocean grid.
  • Attack your opponent intelligently:
  • Start by jumping one or two squares with each shot to cover as much ground as possible.
  • Then attack diagonally so that you hit a different column and row with each shot.
  • Once you hit a ship, aim for all the holes around it to sink it.

Ways to add excitement to the game

  • Play in salvos mode: this involves shooting 5 times in succession in one turn. A white torpedo will be placed on each hole of the target grid. If a shot hits its target, the white torpedo will be replaced by a red torpedo.
  • Reduce the number of shots with each sunken ship.
  • Play without revealing the type of ship hit, to prevent the attacker from guessing how many shots it will take to sink the ship