Kickball rules

Kickball is a sports game inspired by the game of Cheek, intended for children aged 6 years or older. Played between 2 teams, the hitters’ team and the catchers’ team, its objective is to score as many points as possible at the end of the game. To do this, the hitter must clear all the bases or stop on a base before the captain of the receiving team gets the ball back. A maximum of 15 players, including an umpire, can play.


  • 4 hoops,
  • 1 soccer ball.


  • Form 2 teams:
  • One team of shooters,
  • A team of receivers.
  • Place a hoop on each side of the field; these are the bases.
  • The first catcher or captain stands in his circle on the field; he does not move.
  • The rest of the catchers spread out around the field.
  • The hitters stand in single file behind first base.
  • They will take turns hitting the ball before the roles are reversed.

 Goal of the game

The shooters

  • To score as many points as possible.
  • To do this, they must hit the ball as far as possible and run from base to base to circle the field.


  • To return the ball to the captain before a hitter stops at a base.

How to play?

  • The first hitter hits the ball and sends it to the middle of the field, trying to avoid the captain.
  • Once the ball is hit, the fielder must go around the field passing each base to reach the last base.
  • Be careful! If a base is already occupied by another hitter, it cannot be crossed.
  • During this time, the catchers must retrieve the ball and return it to the captain.
  • Caution! The captain is not allowed to move from his place and the ball is passed.

The outcome of the match

For the shooters

  • The shooter manages to go around the field passing through all the bases before the captain gets the ball back.
  • The shooter stops at a base before the captain gets the ball.
  • He/she waits for another hitter to hit the ball again to complete his/her turn.
  • Caution! When hitters stop on the bases, they can end up with more than one person on the field. It is forbidden to stop with 2 on a base at the risk of being eliminated.

For the catchers

  • The captain gets the ball and shouts “STOP“.

All hitters who are not on a base are eliminated.

  • The ball stops right in front of the captain.
  • The first batter is out if he/she has already thrown the bat and is running around the field.
  • Caution! If the first baseman has not yet left first base and thrown his bat to run around the field, he can play again even if the ball has already been intercepted by a catcher.


  • If a hitter makes it all the way around the field and crosses the finish line, he scores 5 points.
  • If a shooter stops at a base before the captain gets the ball, he scores 1 point.

End of an inning

  • Only the shooting team scores points.
  • When all the shooters have passed, reverse the roles.
  • After 3 innings, the team with the most points is declared the winner



Discover the Kickball rules in pdf.