Grandmother’s Footsteps Rules

1 2 3 solar is an outdoor game accessible to children, from 3 years old. The more you are, the more fun the game will be. It consists in moving forward while the leader’s back is turned, to join him.

Before you start…

  • Designate a leader for the game.
  • The leader should stand facing a wall with his or her back to the other players.
  • The rest of the players stand several feet behind him.
  • If a player is not as strong (younger…), he can start closer to the leader.

How to play?

  • With his back to the players, the leader announces “1 2 3 sun“.
  • The other players must move forward and get as close as possible while the leader’s back is turned.
  • At “sun”, he turns around.
  • You can decide at the beginning of the game that the leader is allowed to get close to the players to make them laugh, but not touch them 🙂
  • The players must freeze, their whole body, including their head!
  • Players who move and are seen by the leader again return to the starting point.

Winning the game

The first player to reach the wall or the leader is declared the winner.
He exchanges places with the leader.
A new round is played.

Some tips

  • If you have a big lead, don’t run too fast or you’ll be seen.
  • If you are very late, take as many risks as possible to try to win.