Hopscotch Rules

Hopscotch is a game of agility and skill played outdoors. It consists of throwing a pebble or a puck into one of the hopscotch squares and completing the course without falling. Eventually, the first player to reach the Sky square wins the game.


  • 1 chalk or 1 stick,
  • 1 pebble or 1 puck.

Before you start…

  • Draw the following picture with the chalk or stick:
  • Determine who will play first; they get the pebble.

How to play?

  • During his turn, the player places himself on the “Earth” square and throws the pebble.
  • He starts by aiming at square 1 and moves upwards as he goes.
  • If he misses the target square, he passes his turn to the next player.
  • Once the pebble lands on the target square, the player must go back and forth.
  • The player must not step on the square occupied by the pebble.
  • There can only be one foot per square.
  • On double squares, the player must place his feet at the same time.
  • If the player falls, steps on the lines, or places two feet in the same square, he/she will miss his/her turn and must repeat the entire course on the next turn.
  • When the player reaches squares 7 and 8, he/she turns around; he/she is not allowed to go to the Sky square.
  • On the way back, he must retrieve the stone without ever stepping on the square where the stone was.
  • Once on the ground, he throws the stone again and aims at the next square, and so on until he aims at the Sky square.
  • The first player to arrive at the Sky square and to make the last round trip wins the game.