Go to Jail Card in Monopoly

Go to Jail Card in Monopoly

The chance and community chest piles contain one Go to Jail card each.

The Go to Jail card can sometimes be useful during the late game when a lot of properties are owned by opponents and every move is likely to cost you dearly. However, at the start of the game, it is highly recommended to get out of jail as soon as possible.

Drawing a Go to Jail Card

Go to jail card

As you know, if you land on a chance or community chest space, you must draw the top card from the corresponding pile.
If you get a Go to Jail card, then move your token to the In Jail space.
When you’re going to jail you don’t collect any money by passing through the Go space.

What You Can Do in Jail

While in jail, you will still be able to:

  • Participate in auctions.
  • Build houses and hotels.
  • Collect rent.

It is possible to decide upon an alternative rule that prevents players from collecting rent while in jail.

How to Get Out of Jail?

  1. You must pay 50M at the start of your turn. After that, you roll the dice and advance normally according to the number indicated on them. If you roll doubles, then the money is returned to you.
  1. You can also try to roll doubles. If you manage to do so, you advance according to the number rolled.
    Important note: You are only allowed a maximum of 3 attempts to roll doubles. If you fail on the third attempt, you must pay 50M and then move forward.
  1. There is one Get Out of Jail Free card in each of the chance and community chest piles. If you receive this card you can keep it with you until you need it.

When you’re going to use the Get Out of Jail Free card, you show it to the other player and then place it face down at the bottom of the chance or community chest pile, depending on which kind the card is. You then roll the dice and advance as normal.

  1. You can buy a Get Out of Jail Free card from another player for a price you both have agreed on. Once you have it, you can use it while in jail. You then return it to its pile, of course.