Properties in Monopoly

List of Properties in Monopoly

In the classic game of Monopoly, there are 3 types of properties: streets, stations, and utilities.

Here is a list of the properties in the US and UK versions, as well as their purchase price, building price, and rent when a hotel is constructed.

Street Names

US Version

Here is a list of the streets in the US version and their respective prices:

ColorNameBuying PriceBuilding PriceRent With Hotel
BrownMediterranean Avenue$60$50$250
Baltic Avenue$60$50$450
Light BlueOriental Avenue$100$50$550
Vermont Avenue$100$50$550
Connecticut Avenue$120$50$600
PinkSt. Charles Place$140$100$750
States Avenue$140$100$750
Virginia Avenue$160$100$900
OrangeSt. James Place$180$100$950
Tennessee Avenue$180$100$950
New York Avenue$200$100$1000
RedKentucky Avenue$220$150$1050
Indiana Avenue$220$150$1050
Illinois Avenue$240$150$1100
YellowAtlantic Avenue$260$150$1150
Ventnor Avenue$260$150$1150
Marvin Gardens$260$200$1200
GreenPacific Avenue$300$200$1275
North Carolina Avenue$300$200$1275
Pennsylvania Avenue$320$200$1400
Dark BluePark Place$350$200$1500

UK Version

Now we’ll be looking at the properties found in the UK version:

ColorNameBuying PriceBuilding PriceRent With Hotel
BrownOld Kent Road£60£50£250
Whitechapel Road£60£50£450
Light BlueThe Angel Islington£100£50£550
Euston Road£100£50£550
Pentonville Road£120£50£600
PinkPall Mall£140£100£750
Northumberland Avenue£160£100£900
OrangeBow Street£180£100£950
Marlborough Street£180£100£950
Vine Street£200£100£1000
RedThe Strand£220£150£1050
Fleet Street£220£150£1050
Trafalgar Square£240£150£1100
YellowLeicester Square£$260£150£1150
Coventry Street£260£150£1150
GreenRegent Street£300£200£1275
Oxford Street£300£200£1275
Bond Street£320£200£1400
Dark BluePark Lane£350£200£1500

Looking at these tables we can see the high profitability of building a hotel, which explains why the winner of Monopoly is often the player who decided to take the risk of building several houses and hotels, even if it meant spending a lot of money and mortgaging the undeveloped properties.

Studies have shown that the odds of landing on an orange square are higher than landing on any other color set. The orange color set is one of the most profitable sets in regards to the cost of buying a hotel and the subsequent rent the owner receives.


Water works

There are two utility squares in Monopoly: Water Works and Electric Company. They both have a purchase price of 150 each.

If a player owns only one utility, then the rent is 4 times the amount indicated by the dice roll of an opponent. For example, if an opponent rolls a 6 and it lands them on the utility you own, then they have to pay you 24 (4×6=24). If a player owns both utilities, then the rent is 10 times the amount indicated by the dice. For example, if you own both utilities and an opponent rolls a 2 and it lands them on one of your utilities, then they have to pay you 20 (10×2=20).


Liverpool Street Station

There are 4 stations in Monopoly: Reading Railroad, Pennsylvania Railroad, B&O Railroad, and Short Line (in the US version); King’s Cross Station, Marylebone Station, Fenchurch Street Station, and Liverpool Street Station (in the UK version). The purchase price of each railroad is 200. If you own a railroad the rent is 25 and if you own 2 the rent is 50, 100 for 3 stations, and 200 for 4 stations.