The Go Square in Monopoly

The Go Square in Monopoly

The Go square in Monopoly is where the game starts.

Official Rules

  • In the official Monopoly rules, you collect 200M when you go through the Go square.
  • If you land on the Go square, you collect 400M. A variant present in old versions earns you 400M when you land on the Go square. This rule is present in some versions of Monopoly, it’s up to you to decide which rule you prefer.
  • If you throw 3 doubles in a row, you are sent immediately to jail. If the 3rd double thrown would have landed you on or made you pass through the Go square, you still get sent to jail right away and you don’t collect any money.
  • In the chance and community chest piles, there are some cards that land you on or pass you through the Go square. In this case, you will receive either 200M or 400M depending on the rule defined at the start of the game.

Rule Variations

  • If you think Monopoly games take too long to finish, you can decide that the Go square does not earn players any money.
  • You can also decide that landing on the Go square requires you to draw a chance or community chest card.
  • You can decide that every time a player lands on the Go square they have to pay a tax.
  • Every time you land on the Go square you immediately advance a number of squares equal to the dice roll that landed you on Go. For example, if you roll a 6 and it lands you on the Go square, then you advance another 6 squares.