Monopoly False Bills Rules

Monopoly False bills is a variant of the Monopoly game, for 2 to 6 players from 8 years old. With a few exceptions, it follows the same rules as the classic Monopoly. Fake money and fake Chance cards have been incorporated into the game. Use the plastic decoder to differentiate the fake from the real. Your goal is to finish the game with the most money.


  • 1 game board,
  • 14 Community Box cards,
  • 24 Luck cards,
  • 1 plastic decoder,
  • 12 cardboard decoder tokens,
  • A pack of bills,
  • 6 counters,
  • 22 Property cards,
  • 12 hotels,
  • 2 dice,
  • 1 rule booklet.

Set up

  • Place the board in the center of the table.
  • Shuffle the Community Fund cards and place the pile face down on the board.
  • Do the same with the Luck cards.
  • Draw 3 Luck cards, and place each one face down on the board in the space provided.

  • Place the plastic decoder on the board.
  • Give each player 2 cardboard Decoder tokens to place face up.
  • Each player receives a sum of €1500 divided as follows:
    2 X 500 €
    3 X 100 €
    3 X 50 €
    1 X 20 €
    3 X 10 €
  • Each player chooses a piece and places it on the Start square.
  • Take turns rolling the dice to determine who will play first.
  • Keep the hotels and property cards in the box.
  • Place the dice near the board.
  • Play clockwise.

How do you play?

  • Throw the dice.
  • One double allows you to play again.
  • Three successive doubles send you to prison.
  • Move forward according to the result.
  • The square you stop on determines your next action.
  • Follow the instructions.
  • Pass the hand.
  • Caution! Whenever a player uses his or her money or Chance card, players not participating in the transaction can check their authenticity with the decoder.

The Decoder

  • The decoder is used to verify the authenticity of a Chance card and/or banknote.
  • Each Chance card and banknote has a circle.
  • To check the authenticity, place the magnifying glass over the circle.
  • indicates that the card or bill is genuine.
  • indicates that the card or bill is fake.

Decoder Chips

  • Each player is given 2 Decoder Chits to place face up at the beginning of the game.
  • After using the decoder, turn the token face up.

you cannot use the decoder.
you can use the decoder.

  • If you are in jail, you cannot use the decoder either.
  • Each time you stop or pass through the Start box, turn the tokens green.

Inspecting a ticket

The conditions

  • Please note! You cannot inspect your own tickets.
  • You can use the decoder every time someone gives you money:
  • To pay the bank.
  • To pay another player.
  • To pay the rent.
  • You cannot use the decoder when someone receives money from the bank.

The procedure

  • Announce your intention to scan the money before it changes hands.
  • Turn over a Decoder token, red face.
  • You are only allowed to scan one bill.
  • If the bill turns out to be fake, you keep it and the player must use another one.
  • If the bill turns out to be real, nothing happens.

Inspecting a Chance card

The Procedure:

  • Announce your intention to scan the card before it is used.
  • Turn over a Decoder token, red side up.
  • If the card turns out to be a fake, you receive €100 and it goes back under the deck. It cannot be used.
  • If the card is genuine, it is returned to the deck after use.

The Boxes

  • This variant has 36 boxes.
    Start Box

    – Receive €200 each time you pass or stop on the Start box.
    – Turn your Decoder Chips over to their green sides.

In Jail / Just Visiting

  • If a roll of the dice brought you to this square, nothing happens.
  • You are just a visitor.

Free Park

  • Take a rest.
  • Nothing happens.

Go to jail

  • Go directly to jail without going through the Start box and therefore without getting 200 €.
  • If you have made a double, you cannot play again.


  • There are 22 properties in the game; all of them are streets.
  • If a property is free, you can buy it or auction it.
  • If a property is occupied by another player, pay the rent if he/she claims it.


  • Move to the next free property.
  • You must either buy it or auction it.
  • If you go through the Start box, collect €200 from the bank.

Community Box

  • Draw a card from the pile.

Chance Box

  • Draw a card from the 3 cards on the board.
  • The drawn card will be replaced by the first card in the pile.

The Properties

  • There are 22 properties in this version of the game, but there are no utilities or stations.

Free property

You have the choice between :

  • Buy it in exchange for the corresponding Community card from the bank.
  • Not buying it so that the bank puts it
  • Everyone can participate in the auction. Auctions start at 10 € and go up by 10 € each time.

Occupied property

If you land on an occupied property and the owner asks you for the rent, you have to pay it.
The amount is displayed on the Property card.


  • You have a monopoly when you own all the properties of the same color.
  • The rents you get on these properties are doubled.

Build Hotels

  • There are 12 hotels in this version of the game and no houses.
  • If you have a monopoly on a group of properties, you can build hotels there.
  • A property can have only one hotel.
  • The presence of a hotel on a property increases its value and rent.
  • The price of the hotel and the rent are shown on the Property card.

Selling a property

  • You can sell a property for its purchase price.
  • If a hotel is on a property you want to sell, it must first be sold for half of its purchase price.

The cards

Community Cash Register Cards

  • There are 14 Community Chest cards in the game.
  • If you come across a Community Box, draw a card and follow the instructions.

Chance Cards

  • There are 24 Luck cards, 12 of which are false.
  • Any card drawn may be held until it is used.
  • If a player can prove that you are using a fake card, it cannot be used.


You go to jail if:

  • You draw a Go to Jail card.
  • You land on the Go to Jail box.
  • A player sends you to jail.
  • You get a double three times in a row.

Actions you can do in prison

  • Collect rent.
  • Participate in auctions.
  • Sell or buy hotels.
  • Sell properties.
  • Use Luck and/or Community Fund cards.
  • Make exchanges.
    Please note! When you are in prison, you cannot use the decoder or go through the Departure box to collect 200 €.

Get out of jail
To get out of jail, you must:

  • Pay 50 €.
  • Make a double in 3 attempts. If you fail, you will have to pay 50 €.
  • Use a “You are released from prison” card.


  • Trading can be done at any time.
  • You can sell your property to others.
  • You can buy the property of others.
  • You can trade your property for another player’s property or for a “You’re Out of Jail Free” card.
  • Players who do not take part in a trade can check the authenticity of the bills in play.
  • Chance or Community Fund cards cannot be traded.

Debts and bankruptcy


  • If you are unable to pay, you are in debt.
  • You can sell your properties to the bank for the purchase price.
  • You can sell your properties to another player at a price agreed upon by you.
  • Be careful! You cannot sell a property as long as there is a hotel built on it.
  • First sell the hotel to the bank for half its price.


  • If you don’t have enough money to pay your debts, you are bankrupt and eliminated.

End of the game

  • The game ends when all properties have been purchased.
  • Proceed to the countdown.

Final tally

  • Collect the rents from the properties and hotels.
  • Total your income.
  • The player with the most income wins the game.