Rules of Monopoly-Longest Game Ever

Rules of Monopoly: Longest Game Ever

Do you like playing board games for extended periods of time with friends and family? If your answer is yes then Monopoly: Longest Game Ever is exactly what you need. This edition of Monopoly will have you spending hours and hours before you finally finish a game.

Game Contents

  • The box.
  • The large gamboard.
  • Banknotes (identical to classic Monopoly).
  • Title deed cards.
  • 4 tokens (two tortoises and two hares)
  • A die.
  • Chance and community chest cards.

Goal of the Game

The main rules remain the same as classic Monopoly. This of course means that to win you have to be the only player who hasn’t gone bankrupt.

There are some differences in this version, however, which ensure that this game lasts a very long time.

Differences Between Longest Game Ever and Classic Monopoly

  • The game board is tripled! This means that there are now three copies of each property (e.g. three Avenue Foch’s, three Avenue Mozart’s, etc.). Hasbro did consider reducing the properties to just two copies instead of three.
  • Longest Game Ever is played with just one die. This contributes to why this game takes so long as there are 120 spaces, yet only one die.
  • There are only four tokens in this game: two tortoises and two hares.

End of the Game

To win in Longest Game Ever, a player must own all the properties in the game. This surely gives you a good idea of ​​how long the game will last, because even in classic Monopoly it is very difficult to get all the properties. Imagine what it must be like in this version.

Official rule in PDF

Explore the official rules of monopoly longest game ever in pdf