Monopoly Super Mario Celebration

Super Mario Celebration Monopoly Properties List

In Super Mario Celebration Monopoly, chance cards are replaced by blocks, Super Mario game coins replace notes, and Toads and Peach castles replace houses and hotels. Check out the list of properties found in this game and enjoy a fun-filled time.

Super Mario Celebration Monopoly Properties List

M1-1Brown Group1 piece
Yoshi IslandLight Blue Group1 piece
Illusory Forest
Fatal LavaViolet Group2 pieces
Rainbow Race
Delfino SquareOrange Group2 pieces
Sirena Square
Comet ObservatoryRed Group3 pieces
Galactic Factory
Mount SorbetYellow Group3 pieces
Chantilly Paradise
Hill of the Super BellsGreen Group4 pieces
Double Cherry Gorge
New Donk CityBlue Group5 pieces
Bowser Country

The objective of the game

The objective is still the same as in the classic Monopoly. Each player has to do their best not to go bankrupt and even to become the richest player. This is the only way you can win.

As in classic Monopoly, the winner is the player who collects the most coins. The one and only winner is the one who manages to become the richest until the end of the game.