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The 24 Best Alternatives of Uno Rules

Discover different rules for Uno and make the game even funnier and spicier. You can read our article explaining the regular rules of Uno here.

Do not hesitate to suggest new variants of Uno. 🙂

2 Player Uno Rules

In a 2 player game of Uno, the rules are as follows:

  • Reverse and Skip cards allow the player who plays them to play again immediately

  • Draw 2 and 4 cards force the next player to draw 2 and 4 cards respectively and allow the player who places them to play again immediately.

Playing in Teams

If the number of players is even, you can play in teams of 2. When a player manages to get rid of all the cards they have in their hand, that player and their teammate are declared winners. You tally up the scores by adding up the values of the cards that each opposing team has in hand at the end of each round.

When there are 4 players, you can play in 3 rounds. Each player must have a different partner for each of the 3 rounds. Per round, you will tally up the scores by totaling the card values of the losing team of that round.

The Uno Challenge

In this Uno variation, the winner is determined through the process of elimination. The winner of each round doesn’t gain any points, while each losing opponent tallies up the values of the cards they have in hand. A player is eliminated as soon as they reach 500 points. When there are only 2 players left, the game is played as a 2 player game and whoever reaches 500 points first is the loser and the other player is declared the winner.

The “Multiples” Uno

This ruleset allows you to play faster. You can play all your cards of the same color, same number, or same symbol at the same time.

The Infinite Draw

This rule disadvantages unlucky players. If it’s a player’s turn and they don’t have the color, number, or symbol in play, they must draw until they find a playable card.

Start The Game with 12 Cards

Play regular Uno, but deal each player 12 cards instead of 7.

The Uno Strikes Back

You can counterattack a Draw 2 card by playing a Reverse card of the same color. Now, the previous player (the one who played the Draw 2) must draw the 2 cards instead.

Play Anytime

You can play a card of the same color or the same number as the one in play at any time, without even waiting for your turn.

3 Card Uno

The dealer deals 3 cards to each player instead of 7.

Stack Draw 2 or Wild Draw 4 Cards

When a player places a Draw 2 or Wild Draw 4 card, the next player can also play those cards. Play continues until a player does not have any Draw 2 or Wild Draw 4 cards. That player must then draw the total value of all the Draw 2 or Wild Draw 4 cards that were placed in succession.

If a player places a Wild Draw 4 card and the next player does the same and so does the one after, the fourth player must draw 12 cards (4+4+4) unless they have a Wild Draw 4 card of their own, in which case the fifth player must draw 16 cards. If the same scenario occurs in a 4 player game, the player who had placed the first Wild Draw 4 card will have to draw the 16 cards.

Anyone Can Place a Draw 2 or a Wild Draw 4 on Another Draw 2 or Wild Draw 4

If a player has placed a Draw 2 or a Wild Draw 4 card, any other player (even if it’s not their turn) can place a Draw 2 or Wild Draw 4 card on it, and the player following the last to have placed a Draw 2 or a Wild Draw 4 card must then draw as many cards as the accumulated value of the Draw 2 and Wild Draw 4 cards that were placed in succession.

Be Able to Place a Draw 2 on a Wild Draw 4 and Vice Versa

A fun and simple rule is to make it possible to place a Draw 2 on a Wild Draw 4, stacking the values of the Draw 2 and Wild Draw 4 cards placed.

Deal All the Cards

In this rule, the game starts without a draw pile and you must deal all the cards except one, which will be the card with which the game starts.

Must Have All the Cards in the Game

In this variation of Uno, the winner is the player who manages to dispossess all their opponents of their cards. In other words, the goal is to be the only player remaining with cards in their hands.

This is essentially the opposite of the goal of regular Uno.

Invent Your Rules with the Wild Blank Card

In some Uno decks, there is a blank card. It can be transformed into a Draw 5 card, a card allowing you to enforce a funny punishment on an opponent, a card allowing you to switch your hand with another player’s, or any other effect you can think of!

Buy New Versions of Uno

You can find newer versions of Uno such as Uno Flip!, which will enable you to play Uno with some really fun new rulesets!

In Uno Flip!, every card has 2 sides, and each side has different effects. This game is as wild as it is fun!

A Player Who Makes a Mistake or No Longer Remembers the Direction of the Game Draws 2 Cards

If a player makes a mistake and places a card for no reason, or has forgotten the direction of play, they must draw 2 cards. The same goes for any error 🙂

Place a Matching Card at Any Time

Any player who has a card that could be played in compliance with the general rule (matching the color, number, or symbol of the card on the face of the discard pile), can play that card, even if it’s not their turn.

In this version, Uno can become a reflex game. Ideal if you’re looking for a fast-paced game!

If a player misplays a card, they draw 2 cards.

Inventing Rules With the 0 Card

Why not invent a rule for when a player places a 0?!

  • One unique rule could be that whenever a 0 is played all the players have to change all their cards by placing them in the center of the draw pile and then drawing the same number of cards from the top of the pile.

  • A sort of similar rule would be that placing a 0 allows you to exchange your hand with your neighbor’s.

  • Or perhaps, the neighbor could draw a random card from your hidden hand, and that card would then be exchanged for one of theirs.

Set a Time Limit for the Game

You can set a time limit for the game, deciding that it would not be longer than 10 or 15 minutes, for example.

If no player has managed to win before the time runs out, you count either the number of cards or the values of the cards each player has at that time.

Create a Reset Card

You can decide that by placing a certain card (or by utilizing the blank card) the players will put their cards back in the center of the draw pile, and then draw the exact number of cards they had from the top of the pile.

Create a Clairvoyant Card

Placing the Clairvoyant card would enable you to see an opponent’s hand.

The Clairvoyant cards could be the 0 or Wild Blank cards.

Create a Travel Card

A card would allow you to switch places with the opponent of your choice. This changes the order of play and can allow you to focus your attacks on an opponent who’s about to win, for example.

Deciding How Many Cards to Draw with a Die

If you have a die, you can choose to roll it whenever a player cannot place a card. The die will allow you to define the number of cards to be drawn.