The Mind Extreme game

The Mind Extreme Rules

The Mind: Extreme is a game played in one cooperating team of 2 to 4 players. This is a psychological game the goal of which is for the players to play successive cards without consulting each other. In this extreme version, two decks of cards are played simultaneously as opposed to just one in the original version. White cards must be played in ascending order, while red cards must be played in descending order.

Contents of the Game

  • 12 Level cards
  • 5 Life cards
  • 3 Star cards to throw
  • 2 decks of cards numbered from 1 to 50
Content of The Mind Extreme game


  • The number of cards to use depends on the number of players:
Number of playersLevels cardLife cardThrowing Star card
2 players1 to 1221
3 players1 to 1031
4 players1 to 841
  • Place the Level cards in ascending order in the center of the table. Put away the unused cards.
  • Also place the Life cards and the Throwing Star cards in the center of the table. Put away the unused cards.
  • Shuffle each deck of numbered cards.

Course of the Game

  • Deal the number of cards mentioned on the Level card to each player.
    Example: level 1, 1 card each.
  • Study your card. It can be white or red.
  • When you’re ready to play, place one hand flat on the table. The other players must do the same.
  • Once all hands are removed, the level can begin.
  • Important notes:
  • The cards are placed one by one.
  • There is no turn. Players can play their cards at any time.
  • The white cards are placed in ascending order, to the left of the Level cards.
  • The red cards are placed in descending order, to the right of the Level cards.
  • Players are not allowed to communicate with each other.
  • Both stacks must be played at the same time. It is forbidden to complete a stack before starting another.

Completing a Level

  • As soon as all the cards have been played and placed correctly, the level is completed.
  • The completed Level card is set aside. The next level begins.
  • The numbered cards are shuffled and the number of cards corresponding to the current level is dealt.
  • Each player lays a hand flat on the table to synchronize.
  • Once the hands are removed, the level begins.


  • Passing certain levels allows you to be rewarded either with a Throwing Star card or with a Life card.
  • The reward is taken from the placed cards. It is then added to the table stack.
  • The reward is shown on the relevant Level card.


  • If a player plays a card in the wrong order, the game is interrupted.
  • The team loses a life and returns a life card.
  • Cards that should have been played before the wrong card are put aside.
  • The players resynchronize (lay their hands flat on the table) and the level is resumed.

Playing “Blind”

  • On some levels, playing blind is mandatory.
  • There is a hand on a Level card that must be played blind, 
  • Playing blind can involve only one of the two stacks of cards (red or white) or both stacks at the same time.
  • Players place their cards face down one by one.
  • Once all the cards have been placed, they are turned face up.
  • For each error, a life is taken away.

The Throwing Star Card

  • If a player wants to play a throwing star card, they raise their hand.
  • If the rest of the team agrees, the card is used.
  • Each player secretly chooses a card: it can be their weakest white card or the strongest red card.
  • Each card is placed face down on the table.
  • All cards are then revealed.
  • The used cards and the throwing star card are set aside.
  • The players resynchronize and the game resumes.

Winning a Game

  • The Mind: Extreme is a team game, games are won and lost as a team.
  • If all levels are won, the team wins.
  • If the team loses its last life, it loses.

Official rules in PDF

Explore the official The Mind Extreme rule in PDF.