The Lord of the Rings risk game

Risk: The Lord of the Rings Rules

In Risk: The Lord of the Rings, the player is going to choose between joining the forces of good or evil and attempt to recover the One Ring. A winner is declared when they obtain the maximum points or when they manage to control Middle-earth.

Contents of the Game

  • 1 game board
  • 4 armies of different colors
  • 42 territory cards
  • 2 joker cards
  • 40 adventure cards
  • 1 ring token
  • 1 ring stand
  • 3 red dice
  • 2 black dice
Content of The Lord of the Rings risk game

The Board

  • The board represents the geography of Middle-earth.
  • It is divided into 6 regions of different colors.
  • A region is subdivided into several territories.
RegionColorNumber of Territories
EriadorLight Green7

The Army

  • There are two opposing teams: the Forces of Good and the Forces of Evil.
  • Each army is made up of 3 types of characters.
  • 1 character is worth a number of battalions.
Forces of goodForces of evilType Value in battalions
Elven archersOrcsInfantry1 battalion
Riders of RohanBlack riders (Nazgûl)Cavalry3 battalions
Great eaglesCave-trollsCreature5 battalions
  • To limit the number of tokens on the board, you can replace infantry tokens with cavalry or creature tokens that have the same value.

Example: use 2 black riders instead of 6 orcs.

The Cards

The Territory Cards

  • A Territory card represents each of the territories of Middle-earth.

– 9 territories of the forces of good.
– 9 territories of the forces of evil.
24 neutral territories.

  • A card has one of the 3 character symbols on it(infantry, cavalry and creature).
  • Use it to get reinforcements.

The Joker Cards

  • A Joker card has all 3 symbols on it.

Adventure Cards

  • A player is allowed to have only 3 Adventure cards.
  • Any excess cards must be discarded and earn no points.

Mission Cards

  • A Mission card allows you to receive rewards. The rewards vary depending on which side you belong to.
  • To do this, have your Leader complete the secret mission.
  • To complete a secret mission, your Leader must reach the Site of Power indicated on the map by attacking the territory in question or by moving there.
  • Once on a Site of Power, the Leader cannot leave it during the same turn.
  • The Mission cards are kept until used and placed in front of the player until the end of the game to facilitate scoring.

Event Cards

  • An Event card contains events that can help or hinder you during your adventure.
  • They are played immediately and discarded after use.

Power Cards

  • They can be kept until used.
  • You can play them during your Combat phase, unless otherwise specified.
  • Once used, they are placed in front of you for score counting.

The Dice

  • The dice are used during the gameplay.
  • Red dice for attack.
  • Black dice for defense.

Object of the Game

  • To score the maximum number of points before the One Ring leaves Middle-earth.
  • To do this, occupy as many territories and regions as possible, play your cards and capture strongholds.

Setting Up the Game

  • Place the board in the center of the table.
  • Choose your camp: green and yellow for the forces of good, black and red for the forces of evil.
  • Compose your army according to the number of players:
Number of playersNumber of battalions
  • Sort the Territory cards into 3 separate piles (evil, good and neutral).
  • Shuffle each pile and place it face down next to the board.
  • Each player rolls a die.
  • Whoever gets the highest number starts.
  • Play moves in a clockwise direction.
  • Draw Territory cards according to the number of players:

3 players

Player numberTerritory cards to draw
15 Evil4 Neutral
29 Good
34 Evil5 Neutral

4 players

Player numberTerritory cards to draw
15 Good
25 Evil
34 Good
44 Evil


  • The first player places a battalion on each of the drawn territories.
  • Moving clockwise, the rest of the players will do the same until all of their territories are occupied.
  • The first player places a battalion on one of the free territories.
  • Moving clockwise, the rest of the players will do the same until all territories are occupied.
  • Once all the territories are occupied by a battalion, each player can place another battalion on the territories they already occupy.
  • Once all battalions are used, place a Leader on one of your territories.
  • Form a Territory deck with the 2 Joker cards, the Good cards and the Evil cards.
  • Shuffle the Territory deck and place it next to the game board.
  • Set the Event cards and 3 cards from the remaining Adventure deck face down next to each player.
  • Return the Event cards to the pile, shuffle and place the draw near the board.
  • Put the One Ring on its stand and place it in the Shire.

How a Round Is Played

Phase 1: Reinforcement

  • Reinforce your army.

Occupied Territories

  • You receive 1 reinforcement battalion for every 3 territories you control.
  • Important note: You always receive a minimum of 3 reinforcement battalions even if you control less than 9 territories.

Bonus per Region

  • If a player occupies the whole of a region (same color), they win extra points according to the region in question.
Occupied RegionExtra Points

Territory Cards

  • Conquer territories during the Combat phase
  • Territory cards obtained can be exchanged for additional battalions.
  • Important note: The exchange of cards is done only during the Reinforcement phase.
  • If you have more than 5 Territory cards, you must exchange 3 of them for battalions.
  • To exchange Territory cards, you must have either:
    3 cards of different categories
    – 3 cards of the same category.
Combination of cards Battalions obtained
Infantry – infantry – infantry4
Cavalry – cavalry – cavalry6
Creature – creature – creature8
Infantry – cavalry – creature10
  • If the Territory card you exchange corresponds to a territory you already control, you get 2 additional battalions.
  • The exchanged cards are discarded.
  • Once the deck is depleted, the discard pile will be shuffled to form a new one.

Phase 2: Combat

  • To attack a territory, certain conditions must be met:
    – Either you have a border in common with the attacked territory or you are linked by a bridge or a seaport.
    – You must have at least 2 battalions.
    – You can’t attack with only 3 battalions.
    – A battalion must always remain in your territory.

How to Attack

  • To attack, you must announce the following:
    • Which territory you are going to attack.
    • Which territory you are going to attack from.
    • The number of battalions with which you will attack.
  • Important note: At least 1 battalion must stay behind to defend your territory.
  • Roll as many red dice as you have deployed attack battalions.

How to Defend Yourself

  • Roll as many black dice as you have deployed defense battalions.
  • If you are attacked by 1 battalion, you can only defend with 1 battalion.

The Battle

  • Both opponents roll the chosen dice.
  • Dice results are compared:
    The attacker is compared to the defender’s highest die. A winner and a loser are determined.
    – Do the same for the second and third strongest dice.
  • The loser removes a battalion from their territory.
  • As long as the attacker has enough battalions to attack, they can continue their attack on the territory or attack other territories.
  • If the attack is successful, move at least the number of attacking battalions into the conquered territory.
  • Important note: You must leave at least one battalion in your territory to defend it.


  • If you attack a territory where there is a Leader, 1 extra point is added to the highest die.
  • If your battalion includes a Leader, they must remain on the conquered territory.
  • An Adventure card can allow a player to have two Leaders.
  • Important note: Two Leaders from the same army cannot be in the same territory.
  • Nevertheless, a Leader can move onto a territory already occupied by another Leader during the Redeployment phase.
  • If you have no more Leaders on the board, place one on any of your territories.


  • There are 6 strongholds placed in 6 different territories.
  • A stronghold adds 1 point to the highest defensive die roll

Phase 3: Redeployment

  • Move as many battalions as you want, provided you leave one to defend your territory.
  • The move must be between territories you control.
  • You cannot cross enemy territory.
  • You cannot go through the mountain.
  • To cross the river you have to cross a bridge or go through the seaport.
  • The Leader can be moved with or without an army.
  • The Leader that was used for a mission during the turn cannot be moved.

Phase 4: Drawing Cards

  • You get to draw a Territory card or an Adventure card. Here’s how to know which type of card you should draw:

Territory Card

  • If you conquered a territory during the Combat phase.

Adventure Card

  • If your Leader has crossed or conquered a territory where there is a stronghold.
  • Important note: You are only allowed 3 Adventure cards per hand.
  • If you draw an Adventure card, only Event cards can be played during the turn.
  • Important note: Only one Adventure card can be drawn per turn.

Phase 5: Moving the Fellowship

  • The Fellowship is represented by the One ring.
  • At the start of the game, the One Ring is placed in the Shire.
  • At the end of each turn it is moved along the path.
  • If the One Ring lands on land with a die, you must roll the die and land a “3” to continue. Otherwise, you stay put.

End of the Game

  • The game ends when the One Ring leaves the Dead Marshes or when a player takes control of all territories in Middle-earth.
  • The points are then counted.
  • In case of a tie:
    – The player with the most territories wins.
    – If it’s still a tie, then it’s the player with the most strongholds.
    – If a tie remains, then it’s the player who has accumulated the highest number of Adventure card points.
    – If after all of that there is still a tie, then roll the red dice. The strongest die wins.

How to Count Points

  • 1 point per occupied territory.
  • 1 extra point if you control a region.
  • 2 extra points per controlled stronghold.
  • Extra points earned by Adventure cards.

2-Player Variation

Game Setup

  • Joker cards are not used.
  • The cards are distributed as follows:
    Player 1: 9 Evil cards
    Player 2: 9 Good cards
    Neutral army: 14 Neutral cards
  • Everytime a player places 1 battalion on their territory, 2 battalions are placed on the neutral territory.


  • One of the players plays for the forces of Evil and the other for the forces of Good.
  • The Neutral army plays defense. It cannot attack, redeploy, move the Fellowship, or receive Mission cards or Leaders.
  • The non-attacking player rolls the black dice for the neutral army.

Official rules in PDF

Explore the official The Lord of the Rings rule in PDF.