Bang! rules

The sheriff and his deputies, the outlaws and the renegade will face each other in a shootout and in a Western style. Discover BANG which is a great card game for players between 4 and 7, aged 8+. The rules of this game are given below and may the best side win!


In a BANG game box you will find the following items:
-7 role cards: 1 Sheriff, 2 Deputies, 3 Outlaws and 1 Renegade
-16 character cards
-7 “game aid” cards
-30 balls
-80 game cards
-7 game cards

Set up

  • Each player takes a card from the game and places it in front of them
    The roles vary according to the number of players and are divided as follows:
    -4 players: 1 Sheriff, 1 Renegade and 2 Outlaws
    -5 players: 1 Sheriff, 1 Renegade, 2 Outlaws and 1 Deputy
    -6 players: 1 Sheriff, 1 Renegade, 3 Outlaws and 1 Deputy
    -7 players: 1 Sheriff, 1 Renegade, 3 Outlaws and 2 Deputies
  • Shuffle the role cards and deal 1 to each player face down
  • Whoever has the Sheriff card must reveal it
  • The other players read their cards, but do not reveal them
  • Shuffle the character cards and deal 1 face up to each player

Note: A character card represents their name, hit points and special ability

  • Each player takes the number of balls indicated on their character card

Note: The Sheriff gets an extra bullet (if the Sheriff’s character card shows 4 bullet points, then he will get 5)

  • Unused role and character cards will be set aside
  • Each player places their role, character and balls in the dedicated slots on their game board

Note: All players start the game with a Colt 45

  • Shuffle the game cards and place them in the centre of the table to act as a deck
  • Each player takes as many cards as they have life points
  • Each player announces their character and special ability
  • Play proceeds in a clockwise direction
  • The game can now begin!

Aim of the game

In BANG, each side has a specific goal:
The Sheriff must eliminate all Outlaws and the Renegade to win the game
The Deputies must help and protect the Sheriff (if the Sheriff wins the game, so do the Deputies)
Outlaws must kill the Sheriff to win the game
The Renegade wants to take the Sheriff’s place and therefore must be the last one still in the game at the end of the game to win

Flow of the game

  • The Sheriff starts the game and each player takes turns to play
  • A player takes 3 steps when it is his turn
  1. He draws 2 cards
  2. He plays as many cards from his hand as he wants
  3. He discards the excess cards

NB: at the end of a turn, the player cannot have more cards in hand than the number of life points he has left

Note: When the deck is full, shuffle the discarded cards to create a new deck

Shooting an opponent

To shoot an opponent, you need to play a BANG! card (can only be used once per turn). Each weapon has a range indicated by a number in the target.

This range represents the maximum distance you can shoot:
– 1 represents the direct neighbours to the left and right
– 2 represents the second player to the left and right
– 3 represents the third player to the left and right and so on

  • When a player has been targeted and shot by a “BANG!” card, his life points decrease by 1 bullet and he must discard a bullet from his game card.
  • When a player has used up all his life points, he is eliminated from the game. He then discards all his cards and reveals his role.

Different types of cards

There are 2 types of cards in BANG:

  • Brown cards or action cards: the effect of these cards is immediate and they must be discarded after use.
  • Blue cards or object cards: these cards represent offensive or defensive accessories that you activate by placing them next to your game board. The effect of these cards lasts until they are discarded in some way.


On their turn, each player may use as many cards as they wish and may also not use any
The brown “RATE!” cards can be used, even if it is not your turn yet

  • Warning. The BANG! card can only be used once per turn.
  • Caution! It is not allowed to have several copies of the same blue card in play in front of you.
  • Please note! You must only be equipped with one weapon. If you get a weapon (from the blue cards), you must put it on the Colt 45 on your game board. If you get a new weapon and want to use it, you must discard the one on the game board and replace it with the new one.

The characteristics of the cards

  • Weapons

Apart from the Colt 45, which is displayed on the game board, the other weapons are listed in the blue cards and must be drawn. To play a weapon card, you must place it on the ‘weapon’ slot on your game board and then use a BANG card to draw.

Note: When playing with the ‘Volcanic’ weapon, you can play as many BANG cards as you like.

  • BANG!

These cards allow a player to shoot an opponent when played.

  • RATE!

These cards allow a player to avoid a shot from an opponent when playing it.

  • Beers

These cards allow a player to get a life point when playing it. He plays the beer card and takes a ball from the centre of the table and places it on his playing card. If a player wishes to play a beer card, they must do so during their turn.

Note: A player must play a beer card outside of his turn when he has lost his last life point.

Please note! The beer card does not allow a player to increase his hit points beyond what is shown on his character card!

  • Saloon

When a player plays this card, all players (including him) will gain one life point.

  • Convoy

This card allows you to draw 2 cards.

  • Diligence

This card allows you to draw 3 cards.

  • Shop

The player who plays this card must draw as many cards as the number of players still in the game and place them face up on the table. Each player takes a card of their choice, starting with the player who played the Shop card, followed by the player to their left and so on.

  • Braking

This card allows the player who plays it to draw a card from the hand (or cards in play) of another player who is 1 away.

  • Thunderbolt

This card allows the player who plays it to force another player of their choice to discard a card regardless of distance.

  • Gatling

This card allows you to shoot all players (except yourself) regardless of distance. You can use this card as many times as you like during your turn.

  • Indians

When a player plays this card, all other players (except him) must discard a BANG! card. If a player does not discard his BANG card, he immediately loses one life point.

NB: RATE and Hideout cards have no effect.

  • Duel

When a player plays this card, they must challenge another player by looking them straight in the eye. The challenged player and the challenging player must discard a BANG card. The first player who chooses not to discard a BANG card immediately loses one life point.

  • Mustang

The player who places this card in front of him increases his distance by 1 to the other players. However, he can still see the other players at a normal distance.

  • Glasses

The player who places this card in front of him can see the other players at a distance decreased by 1. However, the other players continue to see him at a normal distance (a distance equal to 1 will always remain the same).

  • Draw!
  • There are cards, the effect of which is preceded by coloured symbols of poker cards (Hideout, Prison, Dynamite) or by values. When a player uses one of his cards, he must draw. That is, he must turn over the first card of the deck, discard it immediately and look at the suit of that card.

If the card turned over is the same colour as the card played, then the effect of the latter will be applied

If the 2 cards are not the same colour, then the effect of the card will not be applied

If a value or range is specified on the card played, then the card turned over by the player must show a value within that range.

  • Planque

This card allows you to draw when targeted by a BANG.
If the card turned over is the same colour as the card played, then the shot will miss
If the returned card is a different colour, then the shot will be successful

  • Prison

– When a player plays this card, he/she must place it in front of another player of his/her choice. The player in prison must draw at the beginning of his turn.
If the jailed player has drawn correctly, then the jail card will be discarded and he can continue his turn normally
If the jailed player did not draw, then the jail card will be discarded and he will skip his turn

– NB: When a player is in jail, other players can play BANG cards against him. However, he can protect himself with RATE cards or beer cards if he has no life points left.
– Please note! A Jail card cannot be used against a Sheriff!

  • Dynamite

When a player places this card face up in front of him, it stays there for one full turn. On his next turn, the player who put this card down must draw before drawing 2 cards.

If he turns over a card of the same colour as the Dynamite and shows a value between the range of the Dynamite, then the Dynamite explodes, the player loses 3 life points and the card will be discarded.
Otherwise, the Dynamite passes to the next player to his left and he will have to draw on his turn

NB: The Dynamite passes from player to player to the left until it explodes or until it is taken by another player or discarded.

Penalty and reward

When a Sheriff eliminates one of these Deputies, he must discard all of his cards (those in his hand and those still in play if there are any).
All players who eliminate an Outlaw gain 3 cards as a reward

End of the game

A game of BANG ends when the following cases occur:
If the Sheriff is eliminated before the last remaining Outlaw, then the Outlaws win.
If all the Outlaws and the Renegade are eliminated and the Sheriff is still alive, then the Sheriff (and his deputies) win
If the Sheriff (and his Deputies) and all the Outlaws are eliminated and only the Renegade remains, then the Renegade wins