Elysium Rules

You are a demigod. To have your place on Olympus, you must forge your own legend. To do this, try to acquire cards, trigger their powers and transfer them to your Elysium.

How to Win

Get the maximum points by transferring your cards to Elysium and earning bonus points.


  • 168 Family cards
  • 1 Temple composed of a double-sided pediment and a board of steps
  • 1 Oracle board
  • 16 Columns of 4 different colors
  • 6 Quest tiles
  • 4 Discs numbered from 1 to 4
  • 1 Epoch marker
  • 12 Trigger rings
  • 4 Player boards
  • 4 Player aid cards
  • 19 Bonus tiles including 3 Level bonuses and 16 Family bonuses,
  • 40 Gold coins
  • 25 Prestige point tokens (PP)
  • 45 Victory points tokens (VP)


  • Place the temple on the table, leaving a free space between the pediment and the steps for the Quest tiles.
  • Choose the tiles according to the number of players and place them, face up, under the pediment in ascending order.

ELYSIUM NB JOUEURS.pngTile for 3 to 4 players

  • Put the rest back in the box.
  • Place the Epoch marker on space 1 of the temple steps.
  • Assemble your player board.
  • Take as many numbered discs as there are players. 
  • The first player is chosen at random, they take the number 1 disc, and place their column on the far right of their player board.
  • Then, in a clockwise direction, every player takes a numbered disk, in ascending order.
  • Each player receives:
  • 4 columns of different colors.
  • 4 gold coins numbered 1
  • VP tokens of the same number as their numbered disc
  • Build up a supply of VP Tokens, Gold Coins, and Trigger Rings near the temple.
  • For a 3-4 player game, use only 5 Family card decks.
  • If you’re a beginner, limit yourself to the Zeus, Hades, Poseidon, Athena, and Hephaestus decks.
  • Shuffle all the cards, then place the drawpile near the temple.
  • Number of cards to draw = (number of players) x 3 + 1.
  • Place them, one by one, face up, in the AGORA (the center of the play area).
  • Place the Family bonus tiles with the effigy of the gods you have chosen and the 3 Level bonus tiles numbered from 1 to 3 above the temple.
  • Deal 1 player aid card to each player.

How to Play

  • A game has 5 Epochs.
  • An Epoch unfolds in 4 phases.


  1. Awakening phase:
  • This is the phase of placement of new Family cards in the AGORA.
  1. Action phase:
  • Take turns according to your number.
  • During this phase, each player will be entitled to 4 turns, after which they will win 3 Family cards and a Quest tile.

Card taking

  • During your turn, you have the choice between taking a Family or a Quest card.
  1. The Family card
  • You must have the column indicated on the card to take it.
  • If the color is black, any column will do.
  • The chosen card is placed in your Domain, above your board.
  • Sacrifice a column in your Elysium, below your board.
  • It is forbidden to have two cards with the same illustration in your Domain.
  • Sometimes a player may not have the required columns to take a card.
  • They draw a card which they will place as a citizen, face down, in front of their board.
  • This action is worth 1 column.
  1. The Quest tile
  • You must have the column indicated on the pediment. 
  • The tile allows you to change the order of the turns and allows you to win the bonuses indicated.
  • The tile is placed at the left end of the board.
  • Players can only hold one Quest tile.
  • If a player cannot take a tile, they can take the last one after all their opponents have chosen theirs.
  • This card will be placed face down in front of them.

Activating the card’s power

The Family card

  • Look at the card to find out how and when to activate its power.

Eleusis Symbol:The card can only be used if you have another Eleusis card in your Domain.
Activated effect: The card must be triggered for it to take effect. Place a Trigger ring on the symbol.The card’s effect can only be triggered once.Discard the ring.
Immediate effect:The power is active as soon as the card is taken.
Permanent effect:The power is activated indefinitely as long as the card is in your Domain.
Reusable effect:The power can be used each turn, for only one Epoch. The card is placed horizontally to activate its power.
  1. Writing the Legends phase:
  • This phase begins when all players have completed their 4 turns.
  • Change the order of play by referring to the acquired tiles.
  • The tokens are placed in the center of the table and redistributed.
  • The player who could not afford a tile collects the last token.
  • In the event of a tie, the previous tokens will determine the order.
  • Everyone will receive the bonuses listed on their tile
  • Transfer the number of cards listed on the tile to Elysium.
  • To do this, you must pay the level of the chosen card in coins.
  • A transferred card loses its powers.
  • Some powers are active during the transfer:
  • The transfer of the cards makes it possible to produce legends
  • Family legend: 3 cards of the same color with different numbers.
  • Level legend: cards of different colors with the same number.
  • During a transfer, you can write a legend or continue an already started one.
  • A card used on a legend can no longer be moved.
  • Citizen cards can be used to transfer an existing legend that has at least 2 cards.
  • It costs the card it replaces.
  • When a player lays down the last card to complete a Family legend, they earn a Family bonus tile.
  • For level legends, the second card placed earns a bonus tile of the same number of points.
  • If a player manages to do better in terms of number of cards, they can steal the bonus tile.
  1. End of an Epoch
  • Retrieve your columns and put them back on the board.
  • Collect the card with the Reusable effect.
  • Return the Quest tiles to the temple in ascending order.
  • Advance the Epoch marker.
  • The Family cards in the AGORA are discarded.
  • Restart at the Awakening phase.
  • Keep the previous order of play.

End of the Game

  • Remove all cards from your Domain.
  • Store the single cards of your Elysium in the box and keep only the legends.
  • Score extra points by referring to the player aid card.
  • Count the VP obtained thanks to Chronos.
  • Each Citizen card placed in a legend will cause you to lose 2 points.
  • Total the points.

Winning the Game

  • The player with the most points wins the game.
  • In the event of a tie, the player with the most gold coins is the winner.

Possible Variations

For Two Players

Use only 2-point tiles.

Playing With Ares

  • Some cards give bonus PP tokens. 
  • The player who has collected the most PP tokens receives 16 points at the end of the game, the player with the second most PP tokens receives 8 points, the player with the third most PP tokens receives 4 points and finally the player with the fourth most PP tokens receives 2 points.

Playing With Apollo

  • Place the Oracle board above the temple.
  • Every turn, place 4 Family cards face up under the oracle.
  • The cards that were there previously will join the AGORA once the unused cards are discarded.

The oracle allows you to anticipate the cards that will be used in the next turn.