Tantrix game

Tantrix Rules

Tantrix has the advantage of being able to be played alone or with others. The game can also be played in many ways: You can complete a puzzle, form specific shapes,or take up a challenge.


56 double-sided tiles :

  • On the face: links that are colored green, red, yellow and blue.
  • On the back side: a number in 5 different colors.
Content of Tantrix game

The Main Rule

Tiles, when laid side by side, must be connected by a link of the same color.

Solo Play

Discovery Puzzle


Make a loop of any shape with links of the same color.


Use the tiles numbered from 1 to 30.

How to Play

  • Form a loop with a set number of tiles.
  • Start with tiles 1 to 3.
  • With each color added, the loop will be broken and its color changes.
  • The color of the number of the last added tile defines the color of the new loop.
  • After the 10th tile is placed, you don’t have to break a loop to form a new one.

Rainbow Puzzle


Solve the 5 puzzles.


  • Use all the tiles.
  • Form several stacks of the same number color.

How to Play

ColorPuzzle to complete
GreenGreen loop.
YellowYellow loop.
WhiteWhite loop.
BlueForm a pyramid with the tiles.Form a continuous blue line that will cross all the tiles.
RedForm a pyramid with the tiles.Form a continuous red line that will cross all the tiles.

Tantrix Solitaire


Use all the tiles to form a red line or a red loop.


  • Mix the tiles.
  • On the table, make several piles with the tiles, number side up.

How to Play

  • Draw the tiles one by one and try to connect them.
  • If a tile can fill a Forced space, it must be placed.
    • A Forced space is an empty space surrounded by at least 3 tiles.

Tantrix Gobble


Place all the tiles.


Put all the tiles in a bag.

How to Play

  • At the start of the game, draw 2 tiles.
  • Place them on the table so that the colors are connected.
  • Draw 1 tile and try to connect it to the 2 tiles on the table and so on.
  • Important! You must always try to connect the drawn tile to the 2 tiles already on the table.
  • All colors must be connected.
  • If the tile cannot be connected, it is set aside to form the discard pile.
  • If you manage to fill a Forced or Gobble space, you can take the top tile from the discard pile and play or put it back in the bag.

Multiple Player Games

Tantrix Gobbles for 2 to 6 Players


Be the first to get rid of all your tiles.


  • Place 2 tiles on the table and connect their colors.
  • Deal, face up, an equal number of tiles to each player.
  • The remaining tiles will be put away.

How to Play

  • Players will attempt to connect one of the tiles in their hand with the tiles on the table.
  • There are no turns, it’s all about speed.
  • A tile can only be placed if it is connected to 2 tiles on the table.
  • A player who manages to fill a Forced space announces “Gobble” and gives up one of their tiles to an opponent.
  • A Double Gobble is an empty space surrounded by 4 tiles.
  • If a player manages to fill a Double Gobble, they give up 2 tiles to the opponent of their choice.

The Strategy Game for 2 to 4 Players


Create the longest loop or line in the color of your choice.


  • You can play as a team or individually.
  • Each player or each team chooses a color.
  • Put all 56 tiles in the bag and draw 6 per player.
  • Each player must always have 6 tiles in their hand. Each tile placed must be replaced with another.
  • Place each of the 6 tiles, face up, on the table.
  • Each player draws 1 tile from the bag.
  • The player with the highest tile number starts the game.
  • Play moves clockwise.

How to Play

  • The first player will place a tile from their hand on the table.
  • To replace the placed tile, they will draw a new one which they will add to their hand.
  • The next player will proceed in the same way by trying to connect the tiles and so on.

Forced Spaces

As soon as a Forced space appears, the course of the game changes.
When that happens, a player’s turn has 3 steps:

  • Step 1: Fill Forced spaces
    As long as you can fill Forced spaces, you must do so.
  • Step 2: Free move
    You can freely place one of your tiles.
  • Step 3: again, fill in the Forced spaces.

The 3 Restrictions

  • A tile can be played freely, provided that the following 3 restrictions are respected:
  1. Do not create a Forced space connected to 3 links of the same color. (Example: each tile can be connected to the Forced space by a yellow link.)
  2. Do not create a Double Gobble.
  3. Do not place your tiles along a controlled space:

An alignment of tiles ends with a Forced space.
By placing tiles along this alignment, you risk creating a Double Gobble.
– It is then forbidden to place tiles there.

  • Once the bag is empty, the restrictions are lifted.

End of the Game

  • The game ends as soon as a player places their last tile.
  • The points are counted as follows:

Each tile making up the longest line earns 1 point.
Each tile making up the longest loop earns2 points.