Musical Chairs Rules

Musical chairs is a game of speed that can be played outdoors or indoors. You need at least 3 participants to play it. It consists of going around the chairs while the music is playing and sitting down as fast as possible when it stops.


  • Chairs.
  • A music source (player, phone, computer, etc.)

Set up

  • Designate a game master to turn the music on and off.
  • Place the chairs, back to back, facing outward to form a circle.
  • Be careful! Count one less chair than the number of participants.
  • All participants stand around the chairs.
  • As soon as the game master starts the music, the participants start walking around the chairs.
  • As soon as the music stops, the participants must hurry to their seats.
  • The participant without a chair is eliminated.
  • Remove a chair and repeat until there is only one player left.