Blitz Rules

Blitz! Is a card and speed game for 3 to 6 players, from 10 years old. Each player’s objective is to collect as many cards as possible. To do this, they must win the face-offs by being the first to give the right answer.


  • 3 packs of 58 cards,
  • 1 die,
  • 1 booklet of rules,
  • 1 bag.

Goal of the game

  • To win the maximum number of cards at the end of the game.

Set up

  • Take one deck of cards and set the rest aside.
  • Shuffle the cards and cut the deck into 2 equal piles.
  • Form 2 piles, face down, with the 2 piles leaving a space between the 2 piles for a 3rd.
  • Set the die aside.

How to play?

  • The player who has shuffled the cards plays first.
  • He draws a card from the pile of his choice.
  • When a card is drawn, it must face the other players.
  • The drawn card is placed face up in front of the player; this is the playing pile.
  • In turn, each player draws a card from the deck of their choice.
  • Each card drawn must be placed on top of the previous one.

The face to face

  • Each card has a symbol and a theme.
  • As soon as two cards have the same symbol, they are face to face.
  • The players involved in the face-off must face each other.
  • Each player will try to give an example related to the theme of his opponent.
    – Player 1 has the theme “famous musician”.
    – Player 2 has the theme “horror movie”.
    – Player 1 must give an example of a horror movie, while Player 2 must give an example of a famous musician.
  • The first player to give a correct answer wins the face-off as well as the opponent’s card.
  • Be careful! An answer already given during the game cannot be used.
  • In case of uncertainty, the group decides whether an answer is acceptable or not.
  • Each card won is placed face down next to the player to form their pile of won cards.

The Duel cards

  • There are 4 Duel cards in each deck.
  • When a Duel card is drawn, it is placed between the 2 decks.
  • The die is rolled and placed on the Duel card without changing its face.
  • The symbols on the dice are the same as on the cards.
  • The face obtained indicates the two symbols in a duel.
  • The players concerned are in a face-off position.
  • As long as a new Duel card is not drawn, the duel symbols defined by the dice remain active.
  • After a face-off, the player who drew the Duel card draws a new card.

In case of a tie

  • When 2 players face each other and give their answer at the same time, the first one to articulate wins.
  • When both players have spoken at the same time, a third player draws a new card.
  • If it is a Duel card, it is put back under the deck and a new draw takes place.
  • The two players face each other and must give an example related to the theme of the new card drawn.
  • The first player to give a correct answer wins the duel and keeps his opponent’s card.
  • The card that has been played returns to one of the 2 drawers.

End of the game

  • When the 2 piles are exhausted, the game ends.
  • The player who has accumulated the most cards is declared the winner.