Kluster Rules

Kluster is a game for 2 to 4 players, ages 14 and up, and lasts about 10 minutes. The rules of this game will be offered below and may the best player win!


To play Kluster, you need the following items:
-a small bag of the Kluster game

-a rope

-24 magnets of different sizes and shapes


•Make a circle with the rope and place it in the middle of the table to form the playing area

•Distribute the magnets evenly among the players
•The game goes clockwise
•The game can now begin

Goal of the game

Kluster is about getting rid of all the magnets in your possession first. Each player takes turns placing a magnet and making sure that the magnets do not attract each other and stick together.

How the Game Works

•Choose one player to start the game
•He/she must place a magnet in the playing area, either flat or standing

◊ Caution! The magnetic force of a magnet acts differently depending on its position (standing or flat).

•The next player also places a magnet in the playing area and so on until one player manages to get rid of all his magnets first


⇒A player can place a magnet anywhere in the playing area, even if it sticks to the string

⇒A player can place a magnet in the playing air while stretching the rope, so that the magnets stuck to the rope also move

⇒A player can use the magnetic force of a magnet to move another



  • A Kluster occurs when a player, on his or her turn, places a magnet in the playing area and that magnet attracts other magnets, so that they stick together.
  • At this point, that player must retrieve all the magnets that have stuck together and must pass the turn to the next Player


End of the game

When a player manages to place all of his magnets in the playing area, while avoiding them sticking to other          magnets, he wins the game. Whoever manages to do this first is the winner.