Stratego Rules

Stratego is a great strategy game for 2 players from 8 years old. If you like to play chess, then Stratego will certainly suit you too. Discover the rules of this game and may the best strategist win!


In a Stratego box, you will find the following items:
-A game board
-80 counters (40 red and 40 blue counters)
-A wall card

The different counters in the game and their characteristics

Here is the list of counters in Stratego, their values and special powers, from the strongest to the weakest:

  • The Marshal: value 10
    Each player has a Marshal

  • The General: value 9
    Each player has a General.

  • The Colonels: value 8
    Each player has 2 Colonels.

  • The Commanders: value 7
    Each player has 3 Commanders.

  • Captains: value 6
    Each player has 4 Captains.

  • Lieutenants: value 5
    Each player has 4 Lieutenants.

  • Sergeants: value 4
    Each player has 4 sergeants.

  • Minesweepers: value 3
    Each player has 5 Minesweepers. This is the only counter that has the power to attack a bomb and come out unscathed.

  • The Scouts: value 2
    Each player has 8 Pathfinders. They have the power to move as many free squares as they wish, but in a straight line.

  • The Spy: value 1
    Each player has one Spy. It is the only piece that has the power to attack a Marshal and come out on top.

The special counters

There are 2 special counters in Stratego:

  • Bombs
    These counters are immobile during the entire game. All counters that attack a bomb will always end up being eliminated, except for the Minesweepers who have the ability to defeat them.

  • The Flag
    This is the most important piece in the game. If a player manages to catch his opponent’s flag by attacking it, he wins the game. This piece is also immobile during the whole game.

Set up

  • Place the game board in the middle of the table
  • Each player chooses the color of their pieces (red or blue)
  • Place the wall card between the 2 middle lines of the board, so that each player can place their pieces secretly
  • Each player places their 40 pieces in the first 40 spaces strategically and methodically
    NB: As the flag is the most important piece, it must be well placed and well protected.
  • The image and value of each piece must face its owner, so that the opponent cannot see it

Remove the cardboard and start playing

This is what the game board should look like before the actual game.

Purpose of the game

In Stratego, each player must do his or her best to get the flag from his or her opponent. The first player to get the other’s flag wins.

How the game goes on

  • The player with the red pieces starts the game
  • He must move a piece of his choice and then pass the turn to the next player
  • The next player does the same and so on until one or the other manages to get the flag of his opponent


♦ It is forbidden to move in the 2 lakes in the center of the game board or to jump over them
♦ A piece cannot jump over another piece, whether it is one of the player’s pieces or an opponent’s piece
♦ Pieces must always move in a straight line, they are not allowed to move in a diagonal direction

Attacking and eliminating an opponent’s checker:
◊ To attack an opponent’s piece, you must move your piece to a square occupied by an opponent’s piece
◊ At this point, each player must reveal the image and value of his counter

◊ The pawn with the lowest value will be eliminated and removed from the game board
Attention! If the 2 pieces have the same value, they will be eliminated and removed from the game board at the same time.

◊ Bombs can only be eliminated by Bomb Disposers
◊ The Marshal can only be eliminated by a Spy (if it is the Marshal who attacks the Spy, the Spy will be eliminated)

End of the game

When a player attacks an opponent’s piece and it turns out to be the flag, then the game ends. The winner will be the player who gets his opponent’s flag first.