Monopoly board with house and hotels

Houses and Hotels in Monopoly

Houses and hotels in the Monopoly game are very important elements to be able to win.


As soon as you have all the properties of a color group, you can start buying houses. You can construct houses even when it’s not your turn.

However, you cannot build a second house on a property until you have built one on each property in the color group.

The maximum number of houses on a property is 4.


Once you have 4 houses on every property in a color group, you have the ability to buy hotels.

You can only have one hotel on a property.

When you build a hotel, all of the houses that were on the property go back to the bank.

House Prices

Price of a house





Color of the property

Brown and Light Blue

Pink and Orange

Red and Yellow

Green and Dark Blue


  • Monopoly Board
    Monopoly Board

    It is often a good idea to own both expensive and cheaper properties.

    • They will be easier to upgrade but will have lower earning potential.

  • Sometimes building an additional house can cause the rent to increase enormously. Therefore, buying as many houses as you can is sometimes a great idea.

  • It is sometimes smart to mortgage a property to be able to afford to construct houses or hotels on properties of a different color group.

  • Avoid owning too many properties because that could mean you won’t have the budget to upgrade them.

  • Avoid returning houses to the bank to turn them into hotels when the game is still far from over.

    • Owning a lot of houses will prevent players from upgrading their properties and thus possibly saving you a lot of money.

  • There are 32 houses and 12 hotels in Monopoly. Once they are all purchased, it is impossible to build new houses until another player frees one.

  • If you have to sell a house for lack of money, the bank buys it at half price.

  • You cannot sell houses or hotels to another player. You can only sell them to the bank.