Fabulus Potium

Fabulus Potium rules

Fabulus Potium is a game for one or more players, from 8 years old. The player embodies a sorcerer who participates in the biggest sorcerers’ tournament. His objective is to decipher the grimory of Braldar the sorcerer and to make potions with an impressive visual.


  • 2 strips of PH paper,
  • 2 cauldrons with stoppers,
  • 1 grimory,
  • 2 pairs of safety glasses,
  • 2 pipettes,
  • 2 beakers,
  • 2 measuring spoons,
  • Labels,
  • 1 rule booklet.

The ingredients

Ingredients included in the box

  • Blue dye,
  • Red dye,
  • Yellow dye,
  • Phenol red,
  • Golden pearl,
  • Sodium bicarbonate,
  • Sodium alginate solution,
  • Calcium lactate solution,
  • Superabsorbent powder,
  • 2 chalk sticks (calcium carbonate).

Ingredients and materials not included in the box

These are items that are used in everyday life.

  • Water,
  • White vinegar,
  • Vegetable oil (soybean or sunflower),
  • Flour,
  • Salt,
  • Pepper,
  • Sugar cubes,
  • Dishwashing liquid,
  • Milk,
  • Paper,
  • Soup plates.

How to set up

  • It is a good idea to photocopy the labels so you can use them over and over again.
  • Refer to the “Grand Wizard Tournament Index” page and glue the labels to the vials.
  • If possible, also attach the labels to the ingredients you have at home.
  • Place all ingredients on the table.
  • Have a bowl of water available to wash the materials.
1 player–        1 player
–        1 pot,-        2 pipettes,-        2 beakers,

–        2 measuring spoons,

–        1 pair of safety glasses.

2 playersEach of the players gets:

–        1 cauldron,

–        1 pipette,

–        1 beaker,

–        1 measuring spoon,

–        1 strip of PH paper,

–        1 chalk stick,

–        1 pair of safety glasses.

  • Place the materials on the table.
  • Cut out the index finger and place it within reach.
  • Put on your safety glasses.

How do you play?

  • Open the grimory and read the rules of magic.
  • Choose a potion and read the instructions carefully before you begin.
  • To make the potion, follow the instructions carefully. You can also use your index finger to help you.
  • Once the potion is made, say the magic formula “fabulus potium” to activate its power.

Experienced Wizard Level

– Once you are familiar with Braldar’s potions, you can participate in the Poldou tournament.

– In this tournament, making potions becomes more complicated:

The instructions are not complete.

  • Some words are missing.
  • Some have no text.
  • Some have annotations.

– To go even further, Braldar reveals all his secrets at the end of the grimoire.