Elixir game

Elixir Rules

Elixir is a card game where the player embodies a wizard whose goal is to cast as many spells as they can. The first wizard to exhaust all their spells is declared the winner. The game is played between 3 to 10 players.


  • 56 spells of 4 different levels:

– Level 1 : 16
– Level 2 : 24
– Level 3 : 8
– Level 4 : 8

  • 112 items:

– 64 ingredients,
– 9 transactions,
– 39 objects


  • Randomly choose the first player.
  • Play moves in a clockwise direction.
  • Sort spells by level. Each level is indicated on the back of the card.
  • Place each stack, face down, in the center of the table.
  • The number of ingredients required to cast a spell corresponds to the level of the card, indicated on its back.
  • Mix up the items.

To begin…

  • Each player draws spells from the pile of their choice.
  • It must constitute a hand equivalent to 9 ingredients.

Example: player n°1 has 3 spells worth respectively 4 ingredients, 3 ingredients and 2 ingredients.

  • The rest of the spells are set aside.
  • The first player deals 5 items, face down, to each player.
  • The rest of the cards will form the draw pile.
  • Each player secretly reads their spells and items.
  • The game can begin.

How to Play

  • A player’s turn takes place in two steps:

– They draw an item card.
– They play their cards.

  • Important! A player can play as many cards as they want, in any order they want.

How to Play a Card

Type of cardEffectWhat to do with the card after use
SpellHave all the necessary ingredientsThe ingredients are discarded.The spell is placed, face up, in front of the player.

End of a Turn and End of a Game

  • At the end of their turn, the player announces “next!”.
  • As soon as a player exhausts all their spells, the game ends and they are declared the winner.

A Few Variations

  • For a longer game, each player must have spells worth 13 ingredients.
  • Some cards can be used when it’s not the player’s turn.
  • If the draw pile is depleted, shuffle the discard pile to form a new one.

The resolving of two cards is done clockwise.