The Rock, Paper, Scissors rules

Rock, Paper, Scissors is a game of chance played between at least two players. It consists of competing by forming a stone, a leaf or scissors with the hand; one object always beats another.

Before to start

  • The stone beats the scissors by crushing them.
  • The leaf beats the stone by enveloping it.
  • The scissors beat the leaf by cutting it.

How to play?

  • The players stand facing each other.
  • Each one puts a fist behind their back.
  • Together they chant “rock, leaf, scissors”.
  • At “scissors”, each player reveals his or her fist, which is shaped like a stone, a leaf or scissors.
  • The strongest object wins.
  • Play a new round.

End of the game

  • You can agree on a score to reach.

The well

  • This is a variant called Stone, Leaf, Scissors and Well.
  • The well beats the stone and the scissors.
  • The leaf beats the well.