The Pogs rules

Pogs is a throwing and precision game for 2 or more players, from 4 years old. It consists of throwing a kini at a pile of pogs with the aim of returning as many pogs as possible. The player gets back the pogs he/she turns over.


  • Pogs, small cardboard discs 4 cm in diameter,
  • Kinis, small 4 cm metal or plastic discs.

Before you start…

  • Agree whether the pogs you win are to be kept or returned.
  • Compare your pogs and agree on which pogs to put into play.
  • Bet the same number of pogs.
  • Shuffle the pogs and form a pile, face down.
  • Place the pile in the centre of the playing area.
  • Decide who will play first.

The game

  • The first player throws his or her kini onto the pile of pogs.
  • He keeps the pogs that have been turned over.
  • He forms a new pile with the unturned pogs.
  • The turn goes to the next player.

End of the game

  • The game ends when all the pogs have been turned over and collected by the players.
  • The player who has collected the most pogs wins.


  • Determine a distance from which to throw the kini.
  • Pogs that have fallen but not been turned over are not put back into the pile. They have to be returned from where they are.