Say “Uno” on the last card: the rules

In Uno, when a player has only one card, he must call Uno. If he forgets and another player calls counter-uno before him, he must draw 2 cards.
It is important to show your cards during the game!


  • When a player lays down his penultimate card, he must call ‘Uno’.
  • Uno indicates that he has only one card left in his hand.
  • The announcement of ‘Uno’ must be made before the next card is played.

Against Uno

  • When a player forgets to call ‘Uno’ and one of the opponents notices, he can counter by calling ‘counter uno’.
  • The player is penalised and must draw 2 cards.

Alternative rules

  • The player who calls counter-uno draws 2 cards at random from the person who called uno.
  • Children who forget to call Uno must draw 1 card, adults 4 cards.
  • The player who forgets to call Uno gets the whole pile of remaining cards.
  • Uno is played as a team, the other player in the team must call Uno!
  • The player who calls Uno plays again.
  • In a counter-Uno, the player who forgets to call Uno rolls a die to see how many cards he/she draws.

Second Uno

  • If you don’t win the first Uno, you must say Uno everytime you have 1 card.