Uno Cards

The Uno Blank Card: What is it for?

An official game of Uno has many cards, and some versions offer improvements, such as blank cards or even custom cards, as in Uno Extreme or Uno Super Mario.

Blank cards can be used to make the game even more fun.

Replace a Lost Card

The primary use of Uno’s blank cards is to replace a lost card.

Using a pencil, the players write on the blank card the characteristics of a lost card, whether it’s a number card or action card. Thanks to the blank card, players have the opportunity to enjoy an Uno game to the fullest.

Increase the Presence of a Card

You can also take advantage of the blank cards to increase the presence of a card, such as having more Reverse cards, Draw 2 cards, etc.

Add New Rules

Thanks to the blank part of the card, it’s possible to create new rules, as long as all the players are in agreement regarding the proposed rule.

Using a pencil, you can write new rules on the blank card that can be used to speed up the game, add strategy or even force a player to do something funny without any constraints or limits.

You can decide to change the established rules of the blank card each game as you can erase anything you’ve written on it fairly easily.

Here are some examples of new rules to improve the game:

  • Draw 10 cards: the next player must draw 10 cards.

  • Cancel the effect of an action card: the previous action card is canceled or the next player cannot use an action card.

  • Swap cards with an opponent: the player of the card can swap all their cards with an opponent of their choice. Another way of using this rule would be to force the next player to swap all their cards with an opponent.

  • Prohibit the play of another custom card: the next player is not allowed to use their custom card.

  • A funny punishment: the next player must do something funny like sing, tell a joke or show all their cards to the other players.