Downfall rules

Discover Downfall, which is a great game that you can enjoy with family or friends. The rules of this game will be offered below.


To play Downfall, the following items are required:
-2 Players
-a game board with 5 cogwheels

– 20 tokens numbered from 1 to 5 of 4 different colors


  • Place the game board between the 2 players so that one is facing the other
  • Place the wheels on each corresponding arrow
  • Each player chooses two colors of tokens, numbered from 1 to 5
  • Insert the chips of one color into one of the holes on the top left or right and the chips of the other color into the other hole in ascending order (insert 1 first, 2, 3, 4 and 5 last)
  • Close the caps once all the chips for both players have been inserted
  • The game can now begin

Goal of the game

  • Ten of a Kind consists of making all the chips of two different colors fall first, so that they fall in ascending order (1 first and 5 last for each color).

Flow of the game

  • The player who starts the game chooses a wheel
  • This player can spin the wheel as many times as he wants
  • He/she has to put a token in one of the holes of the wheel
    → Be careful! When you turn a wheel, it also turns on your opponent’s side.NB: The wheels allow a chip to move from hole to hole until it lands on the slide at the bottom.
  • When he is done, it is the next player’s turn to play
  • The next player does the same, trying to move their chips from hole to hole using the wheels
  • Each player must do their best to land their chips on the bottom rail
    Be careful! The chips must land on the slide in ascending order. This means that chip number 1 must land first, followed by 2, 3 and so on. Sets of two chips must follow this rule.
  • A wheel that has just been turned by one player cannot be turned by the next player. This means that a wheel cannot be used twice in succession. If the next player uses the wheel that the last player just used, he loses his turn (the next player then gets two turns).
  • When a player’s last chip is in the last wheel (the one at the bottom), it is possible to turn this wheel even if it has already been used during the previous turn. Only then can a wheel be used twice in succession.

End of the game

  •  The first player to drop all his or her chips in ascending order to the bottom rail wins the game.
  • If a player drops his or her chips in ascending order, he or she immediately loses the game.
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