Who is it? rules


You need the following:
-two blue and red game boards for the two players
-two players


Connect the two boards together to form an easel so that it is impossible to see the opponent’s board.

Goal of the game

To win this game, you must be the first player to guess your opponent’s mystery character or animal.

How the game works

  • Both players must place the small cursor at the top of the board on the character or animal that their opponent will have to guess (the top cursor for top characters and the bottom cursor for bottom characters)
  • Both players will have to choose the player who starts the game
  • They will take turns asking 1 question that will allow them to guess the character or the mystery animal of their opponent.
  • When you ask your opponent a question, he/she must always answer with “yes” or “no”.
    Sample questions:
    Game with characters: is your character a woman? Does your character wear glasses? Does your character smile? Etc.
    Playing with animals: Is your animal green? Does your animal stick out its tongue? Does your animal have pointy ears? Etc.

Make sure to hide any characters or animals that do not match your opponent’s answer.
Example: You asked the question: Is your character a woman? If your opponent answered yes, hide the characters that are men.
NB: if the game is double-sided, to switch from the characters board to the animals board, you just have to remove the card from the board and turn it over.

End of the game

The game ends when a player manages to guess his opponent’s mystery character or animal first.
Be careful! If you call out your opponent’s mystery character or animal during your turn and you get it wrong, you lose the game.

The other versions of the game Who is this?

Version with cards

The aim of the game remains the same, but you will have simple blue and red cards instead of the two boards. In addition to the blue and red cards, you will have two packs of yellow cards of the same number as the number of characters to guess for each player.

This gives you two packs of 16 yellow cards. Each player chooses a yellow card from their deck to make the other player guess (place it face down next to you).

All you have to do is turn face down the cards that do not match the answer you gave your opponent.

Version with trays


This version is similar to the Asbro version, but the two decks can be separated. The difference between this version and the Asbro version is that you will have two packs of yellow cards as in the single card version.
Place the yellow card of the character you have decided to make your opponent guess in front of your board. There will be two yellow card slots on a board. Place one yellow card in one slot for an easy game, two yellow cards in two slots for a slightly more difficult game. Ask your questions and hide the characters that do not match your opponent’s answer.

This version also has 4 small holes on the left side and bottom of the board. You will place a small yellow piece in a hole when you manage to win a round. These 4 holes will constitute 4 rounds.