Sonic Super Team

Sonic Super Team Rules

Sonic Super Team is a very fun racing game for 2 to 4 players aged 7+ and lasts about 20 minutes. Learn the rules of this game, form your team and may the fastest team win!


In a Sonic Super Team game box, you will find the following items:
-a game board

-8 figures

-78 cards including: 48 move cards, 20 bonus cards, 4 team cards and 1 special card
Here are the different teams in Sonic Super Team :

  • Blue Team : Sonic and Tails
  • Red Team: Amy Rose and Knuckles
  • Black Team: Shadow and Silver
  • Yellow Team : Metal Sonic and Red



  • Place the game board in the middle of the table
  • The team cards should be distributed according to the number of players as follows
    -2 players: each player must choose 2 teams (2 characters per team)
    -3 players: each player must choose one team (the team that was not chosen will be put in the box with the movement cards and the 2 characters of this team)
    -4 players: form 2 teams of 2 players
  • Each player gets his character (his figurine) and places it on the starting square
  • Shuffle the bonus cards and place them face down on the bonus area of the game board
  • Shuffle the move cards (36 move cards if there are 3 of you) with the special card
  • Deal 6 cards face down to each player
  • The remaining cards will be placed face down on their place on the game board
  • The direction of play is clockwise

Goal of the game

In Sonic Super Team, you must be the first team to cross the finish line to win.

How the game plays

  • The youngest player starts the game
  • He chooses a card numbered from 1 to 6
  • He chooses a character from the card of the team he has chosen and moves him forward the corresponding number of squares
    NB: Players can choose to move a character from their team, their partner or their opponent. It all depends on the color of the card they choose to play.
  • The turn is then passed to the player on his left and so on until a player manages to cross the finish line with his team

♦ You can use your bonus card before or after your character moves, even if it is not your turn yet
♦ Each player discards face up next to them all the cards they have played
♦ When you play as a team, your partner can use his or her bonus card to your advantage
♦ When all players have played their 6 cards, deal 6 new movement cards to each player again
♦ When all the movement cards have been played, group them together (with the Special card), shuffle them again, distribute 6 to each player and place the rest on the game board
♦ When all the characters on a team have crossed the finish line, that team’s move cards can still be used to move their teammate’s move card (except in a 3 player game)

The special squares

  • Bonus Box
    When a character lands on a bonus square, the owner of the character must draw a bonus card.
  • Double Box
    When a character lands on a “Rings and Spikes” double choice square, the player who moved the character chooses which side of the square to place him.
  • Rings box
    When a character starts his turn on a Ring square, the number on the card played is doubled.
  • Spikes box
    When a character starts his turn on a Peaks square, the movement number must always be equal to 1, even if the player plays a 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 movement card.
  • Looping squares
    When a character lands on a Looping square, he must move back to the nearest ordinary square. Looping squares must be crossed in one move

Bonus cards

  • Speed Boost
    ♦ This card adds 1 more move to the number displayed on the card played.
    Be careful! This card has no effect when you are on a Spikes square
    ♦ When you are on a Rings square, this card is applied before the effect of the latter (Rings square)
  • Air Boost
    This card allows you to avoid the effect of looping squares. When you land on a looped square and use this card, move directly to the nearest regular square.
  • Super Boost
    This card allows you to double the number displayed on the move card you are playing.
    Be careful! You must start on an ordinary square to use the Super Boost card.
  • Shield
    This card allows you to cancel the effect of the Spikes squares. When you start on a Spikes square, use this card and move the character normally.

  • Super Jump
    This card allows you to move the character immediately to the next Ring square.
    NB: If you get this card thanks to the Special card, you must choose the character you want to apply this effect.
    Attention! You must reveal and play this card immediately when you draw it.
  • Special Card
    This card must be shuffled with the movement cards. When this card is revealed during a turn, all players must draw a bonus card.

End of the Game

A game of Sonic Super Team ends when one player crosses the finish line first with his or her team’s characters.
For a 2 or 4 player game, all 4 characters of the 2 teammates must cross the finish line first to win
For a 3-player game, the 2 characters of the same team must cross the finish line first to win