Mistigri cards

Rules of Mistigri

Goal of the Game

The goal of Mistigri is for players to get rid of all their cards. The player who has the Mistigri (the card with the cat on it) in their hand at the end of the game loses.


Deal all the cards to the players. Look at your cards and place all the pairs face up in front of you (the pairs can be identified by the symbols at the top of the cards, which are identical).

Course of the Game

The player who starts is either the youngest or the player who has lost the previous game.

Each turn a player draws a card from the opponent on their left’s hidden cards. If they draw a card that completes a pair in their hand, they place it down in front of themselves, and if they draw a card that does not complete a pair, they keep it in their hand.

If a player receives the Mistigri at the start of the game or draws it from another player, they have to try to get an opponent to draw it.

End of the Game

When none of the players have any more cards in their hands, there will be one player who still has the Mistigri, that player loses and all the others win.

Mistigri official rules

Here the rules of Mistigri in PDF