Dodgeball Rules

Dodgeball is a game played outdoors. It consists of eliminating all the members of the opposing team by touching them with the ball and taking them prisoner. To play it, you need at least 6 participants.


1 foam ball,
A field marker (chalk, studs, etc.)

Before you start…

  • Form two teams of equal strength and number.
  • Divide the field into 2 territories.
  • Each territory is divided into two parts: the prison and the camp.

Goal of the game

  • To put all members of the opposing team in jail.

The game

  • The members of each team are placed in their respective camps. It is forbidden to encroach on the opponent’s territory.
  • Throw the ball at one or more opponents.
  • When a player has the ball, he/she cannot move until he/she has thrown it back.
  • You can make passes between teammates.
  • A player is trapped when he is hit by the ball and the ball touches the ground.
  • When a player is taken prisoner, he/she must go to the other player’s jail by taking the ball with him/her.
  • From the jail, the prisoner throws the ball at a member of the opposing team
  • If the prisoner manages to hit a member of the opposing team and the ball hits the ground, he/she is released.
  • A player remains free when he catches the ball that hit him before it hits the ground.
  • The thrower is trapped when the targeted player intercepts the ball before it hits him.
  • More than one person can be hit by the ball. In this case, they are taken prisoner.

End of the game

  • An entire team becomes a prisoner.
  • The opposing team automatically wins the game.

Rules in PDF

You can read the Dodgeball rules on pdf.