Jokari Rules

Jokari is a game of speed and skill played outdoors and consists of hitting a ball connected to a base by a rubber band to the opposite area. The goal of the game is to be the first to score 21 points. It is played between one or two players.


  • 2 wooden rackets,
  • 1 ball connected to a base by a rubber band.

Set up

  • Place the base on the ground.
  • Count 1 meter from the base and draw a line to create two zones.

How to play?

  • The player’s goal is to send the ball into the A zone.
  • To start a game, serve the ball.
  • To serve, bounce the ball on the floor and hit it with the racquet to send it to the A zone.
  • The ball bounces in the A-zone and returns to the B-zone.
  • When the ball returns to the B zone, the next player plays and so on.

Hitting the ball

  • You can hit the ball directly so that it lands in the A zone.
  • You can bounce the ball once in the B zone before sending it back to the A zone.


You score 1 point when :

  • The ball bounces 2 times in zone A.
    – The ball bounces twice in zone B.
    The opponent crosses the separation line.
    – The opponent fails to return the ball to the A zone.

End of the game

  • As soon as a player reaches 21 points, he wins the game.