The cards list of the Mille Bornes

It is important to know the list of cards in Mille Bornes in order to fully enjoy the game and appreciate all the good moments of pleasure and fun.

List of cards of the Mille Bornes

Here is the list of the cards of the Mille Bornes in table form:

CardsCharacteristicsNumber of cards
25 kilometresAdvance 25 kilometres10
50 kilometresAdvance by 50 kilometres10
72 kilometresAdvance 75 kilometres10
100 kilometresAdvance by 100 kilometres12
200 kilometresAdvance 200 kilometres4
Road accidentAttack card to stop an opponent3
Running out of fuelAttack card to stop an opponent3
PunctureAttack card to stop an opponent3
Speed limitAttack card to limit an opponent to 50 kilometres4
Red lightAttack card to stop an opponent5
RepairDefence card to counter “road accident6
PetrolDefence card to counter “out of gas6
Spare wheelDefence card to counter ‘flat tyre’.6
End of speed limitDefence card to counter ‘speed limit’.6
Green lightDefence card to counter ‘red light’ and to advance14
Ace of the wheelInvincible against ‘road accident1
TankerInvincible against ‘running out of petrol1
UnstoppableInvincible against ‘flat tyre’.1
PriorityInvincible against “red light” and “speed limit1

25, 50, 75, 100 and 200-kilometre cards

25; 50; 75; 100 and 200 kilometer Cards

Attack card: red light, 50km/h speed limit, out of fuel, flat tire and accident

1000 Bornes card Game

Defence cards: green light, end of speed limit, petrol, spare wheel and repair