Ka-blab Rules

Discover the rules of the great game Ka-Blab which will make you spend a moment filled with fun between friends or in family. This game is played between 2 to 6 players aged 10 years old.


In a Ka-Blab game box, you will find the following elements
– 1 electronic timer
– 3 dice
– 200 category cards
– 18 tokens


  • Each player receives 20 to 30 category cards face down
  • Each player receives 3 tokens
  • Place the electronic timer in the middle of the table
  • Place the 3 dice in the middle of the table
  • The game goes clockwise

Goal of the game

In Ka-Blab, each player has to find a certain number of words related to a specific category, before the timer stops and explodes announcing “Ka-Blab! The last player with at least 1 token wins the game.

Course of the game

  • The youngest player starts the game
  • He must start the timer of the electronic stopwatch by pulling on it