Jamaica Game – the Rules

Jamaica is a race and course game for 2 to 6 players, from 8 years old. The aim of the game is to go around the island collecting as much treasure as possible. At the end of the game, the player who accumulates the most points wins the game.


  • 1 game board representing Jamaica,
  • 12 Treasure cards,
  • 1 Combat die,
  • 6 ships of different colours,
  • 80 gold doubloons,
  • 45 Food tokens,
  • 45 Gunpowder tokens,
  • 9 Treasure tokens,
  • 6 plates representing the holds of a ship,
  • 66 Action cards of 6 different colours,
  • 1 compass,
  • 2 Action dice,
  • 1 rule booklet.

Set up

General set-up

  • Place the game board in the centre of the table.

  • Draw 9 Treasure cards, form a face-down deck to the right of the navigation box and place the remaining cards in the box.
  • Place the battle die on the fortress .
  • Each player chooses a colour and takes the corresponding ship.
  • Place the ships on the Port Royal square; this is the starting point.

  • Sort the resources by type: gold doubloons, food tokens and gunpowder tokens.
  • Place the resources within reach; this is the bank.
  • Place a Treasure token on each pirate hideout.

Individual set-up

  • Each player receives :
    • 1 plate; it represents the hold of his ship to place in front of him.
    • 1 pack of Action cards of his colour; he will form his deck to place face down in front of the hold. Make room for the discard pile.
    • 3 Food tokens and 3 doubloons to place in two of his holds.

  • If the deck is exhausted, use the discard pile to form a new deck.
  • Draw 3 Action cards; this is your hand.
  • Designate a captain. He receives the compass and the 2 Action dice.
  • Play clockwise.

How does a turn go?

  • The captain throws the Action dice.
  • He chooses which one to place on the left and which one to place on the right on the navigation box.
  • The dice on the left are for the morning action and the dice on the right are for the evening action.

  • Each player chooses a card from their hand and places it face down in the discard pile.

  • Once all the cards are laid down, the captain turns his card over and performs the actions.
  • The captain performs the morning action first, then the evening action.

  • Clockwise, all players do the same.
  • Each player completes their hand by drawing a card.µ
  • The last card played remains in the discard pile.
  • The compass moves to the left.

Types of actions

  • There are two types of actions:
  • Loading,
  • Moving. 
  • Finish the morning action first in order to move on to the evening action.

Action 1: Loading

  • – This action is only possible if you come across Loading icons:   , or .
  • Refer to the icons to see what type of resources to add to your plate. 
  • The corresponding Action die indicates the number of tokens to add.
  • Please note! You can only load an empty hold.

Filled holds

  • If all the holds are full, you must empty them to load.
  • The removed chips go back to the bank.
  • The removed chips must not be of the same type as the chips to be loaded.

Action 2: Move

  • The icon indicates that you are moving forward or backward: or  
  • If at the beginning of the game you are forced to move backwards, you must still go around the board to finish the game.
  • The corresponding Action die indicates the number of squares you have to move.
  • Depending on which square your ship ends up in, you have 3 options.
Type of boxCostAction
Pirate’s DenFreeIf there is a Treasure Token there, put it back in the box and draw a Treasure Card.

Place the Treasure card next to your plate.

Other squarePay tax
Occupied squareFighting

Reasure cards


  • These cards give the player a special power.
  • Once drawn, place it near your hold.
  • Its effect lasts as long as you hold it.
Name of the cardEffect
Morgan cardYour hand will consist of 4 Action cards.
Sabre of SaranYour hand will consist of 4 Action cards.

Roll your or your opponent’s Combat die again, even if the first roll was a star. 

Be careful! It is forbidden to play Gunpowder dice on the second roll.

Lady BethThe Combat die value increases by 2 points.
6th holdAdd a 6th wedge to your plate. When this treasure is stolen, its contents are also stolen.


The drawn card is placed face down next to the plate.

It will only be revealed at the end of the game.

There are 2 types of cards:

  • The first type of card is called a “wealth card” and gives points at the end of the game.
  • lose points at the end of the game.

Paying squares

On the Port square, pay the price indicated on the golden pin in doubloons to the bank.

On the Sea box, pay as many Food tokens as there are white squares in the bank.


If you don’t have enough resources to pay, this is called a shortage.

Pay what you can.

Move back to a square where you can pay the price.

A pirate lair costs nothing. If there is a treasure token there, you can take it.


  • The player who arrives on an occupied square is the attacker.
  • The attacker plays first, followed by the defender.
  • Each side chooses a number of Gunpowder Chits to put into play, and then rolls the Combat die.
  • The number of tokens and the value rolled determine the firepower.
  • The player with the most firepower wins the battle.
  • If there is a tie, nothing happens. 

The winner has the choice of 3 actions:

  • Steal the contents of a hold,
  • Stealing treasure,
  • Giving a cursed treasure to the loser.
  • Beware! If a player rolls a star, he automatically wins the battle. He does not get back the Gunpowder tokens that were put into play.
  • There is never a battle in Port Royal.
  • If your ship lands on a square occupied by more than one ship, you choose who to fight.
  • If you move backwards due to a shortage and land on an occupied square, proceed to combat.

End of the game

  • The game ends as soon as a player goes around the board and returns to Port Royal.
  • He no longer performs his evening action.
  • Finish the current round and keep score.
  • A player’s final score is determined by

The number of points in the box where the ship is located.

+ Doubles in the hold.

+ Treasure cards.

– Cursed treasures.

  • The player who scores the most points wins the game.
  • In case of a tie, the player who gets closest to Port Royal wins.

2 player variant

  • In a 2-player game, add a third ship, called the ghost ship.
  • The black ship always takes the role of the ghost ship.

Set up

  • Place a third plate for the ghost ship.
  • Add 5 doubloons to one hold and 3 doubloons to another.
  • Place the Lady Beth Treasure card next to the plate. It cannot be stolen from her.

The Game

  • The captain moves the ghost ship.
  • He is allowed 2 moves per turn.
  • For the pirate ship, all spaces are free.
  • There are several ways to move the ship:
  • If the pirate ship is in the lead, it moves back.
  • If the pirate ship is last, it moves forward.
  • If the ship is in a fork in the road, the captain chooses.
  • In other situations, the captain chooses.


  • The pirate ship can take any treasure it finds in the pirate lairs.
  • The treasure card is placed face down next to the plate.
  • He can steal a treasure card as well as anyone else, except Lady Beth.
  • Beware! The ghost ship can never give away a Treasure card.


  • The opponent plays the dice of the pirate ship.
  • The opponent also makes the decisions if the pirate ship wins.
  • All gold won in combat goes to the hold, the rest goes to the bank.