The chessboard (zones, letters and numbers…)

Discover the different features on the chessboard, the king and queen areas, the letters and numbers.

The squares of the chessboard

This is the chess board. The chessboard has 64 squares : 32 light or white squares and 32 dark or black squares.

The letters and numbers on the chessboard

In a chess game, the letters and numbers on the sides of the board are used to identify and label the squares on the board. They are commonly used by players to record and remember their moves. The chessboard is divided into eight columns labeled 1 to 8 and eight rows labeled A to H. The rows from A to D are referred to as the “queen’s wing” and the rows from E to H are referred to as the “king’s wing.” When a visual representation of a chess board with the positions of the pieces is shown, it is called a “diagram.

Black : Letter lineBlue: Number column
Green: King's wing
Red: Queen's wing
Black : Letter line Blue: Number column Green: King’s wing Red: Queen’s wing