Skull Rules – the official rules

Skull & Roses is a game of bluff and strategy. Children can play it from the age of 10 in a game of 3 to 6 players. Each player represents a biker gang. The objective of the game is to determine the leader of the bikers. To win the game, the player must complete 2 challenges.


  • 6 double-sided game mats,
  • 6 packs of 4 cards: werewolves, panthers, snakes, bulls, eagles and himself.
  • 1 rule booklet.
  • Please note! Each pack of cards consists of 3 “Roses” and 1 “Skull” card.

Set up

  • Everyone receives :
    • 1 game mat to place on the “skull” side in front of them.
    • 1 pack of 4 cards from the same family to keep secret.
  • Designate a first player.

How do you play?

  • Study your hand.
  • Choose 1 card and place it face down on your board.
  • The turn passes to the next player in a clockwise direction.
  • On the second turn, each player will have the choice of :
  • Place, face down, a second card.


  • Make a challenge.
  • Be careful! To place a card on top of another card, shift it a little so that the card below is visible. This will make it easy to count the number of cards on top of each other.

Laying another card

  • If you choose to play another card, your turn ends.
  • The hand passes to the next player and so on.

Make a challenge

  • If you do not wish to put down another card or are unable to do so, you can choose to make a challenge.
  • To issue a challenge, announce the number of cards you are committed to turning over without running into a ‘skull’.
  • Once a challenge has been issued, the rest of the players, in a clockwise direction, have the choice of :
  • Raise: bid again
  • Pass: place their board in the centre of the table.
  • Go around the players until only one overbidder remains; he becomes the challenger.
  • The second to speak in the bidding is called ‘under the gun’.
  • The last to speak before the highest bidder is called ‘the cop’.

The challenge

  • The challenger starts by revealing his own cards.
  • The cards are revealed starting with the top card.
  • The challenger is free to choose the order in which he reveals the opponent’s cards.
  • He is not obliged to reveal all the cards of the same opponent.
  • The cards are revealed one by one.
  • When a player bets to reveal all the cards, he/she attempts a “burn out”.

Lost challenge

  • The challenge is lost when the challenger reveals a ‘skull’.
  • The reveal stops.
  • The challenger shuffles all his cards, face down.
  • The owner of the revealed ‘skull’ chooses a card from the challenger’s deck.
  • The chosen card is discarded in the centre of the table without being revealed.
  • The other players take their cards back.
  • If the challenger is the owner of the skull, he chooses the card to be discarded.

Challenge won

  • The challenge is won when the challenger turns over the number of cards announced without coming across a “skull”.
  • He turns his mat over to the “Roses” side.

New round

  • The previous challenger opens the new round.


  • Stoned is the name given to a player who has only one card left.
  • If the stoned player loses his last card, he is eliminated from the game.

End of the game

  • The game ends when a winner is determined.
  • A player wins the game in one of the following 2 cases:
  • He completes 2 challenges.
  • He is the last player in the game.