Takenoko game

Takenoko Rules

Takenoko is a management and organization game. You are one of the courtiers of the Emperor of Japan, who has just received a giant panda. Your role will be to cultivate plots of land, irrigate them and grow bamboo there to feed the animal, taking into account its appetite and the weather.


  • 1 Pond plot
  • 28 Plots
  • 1 Deck of objectives cards
  • 1 Emperor card
  • 90 Sections of bamboo in 3 different colors
  • 20 Irrigations channels
  • 9 Improvements
  • 4 individual sheets
  • 8 Action tokens
  • 1 Weather dice
  • 1 Panda figure
  • 1 Gardener figure
  • 1 Rulebook


  • Place the pond in the center of the table; place the panda and the gardener there
  • Place the plots face down on the table to form the draw pile.
  • Place the facilities (irrigation channels and improvements) classified by type and the irrigations next to the draw pile.
  • Set the Emperor card aside.
  • Divide the objective cards by category and place them face down on the table.
  • Give each player 1 individual sheet, 2 Action tokens and 1 objective card of each category.
  • These items should not be seen by opponents.
  • The tallest player starts the game.
  • Play moves clockwise.

How to Play

Roll the weather die

  • Skip this step on the first turn.
Weather conditionEffect
Sun1 additional action.It must be different from the 2 actions in step B.
Rain1 section of bamboo on an irrigated plot.
WindYou can perform the same action twice.
StormThe panda is placed on a plot of your choice.The panda eats a section of bamboo.
Clouds1 improvement chip.You can play it immediately.Or you can keep it on your individual sheet.It can be used during any round.If no improvement is available, apply the effect of your choice.
Question markApply the effect of your choice.


  • There can only be one improvement chip per plot.
  • The improvement may have been printed on it.
  • or laid as a chip.
  • It can only be placed on a plot without bamboo.
  • It can be used for one turn only.
  • The enclosure: the panda can’t eat bamboo.
  • The fertilizer: the sections grow 2 by 2.
  • The watershed: irrigates a plot, without replacing the pond tile.

Take actions and complete objectives

  • You are limited to 2 different actions per turn.
  • Place 1 token under each action you want to take:
Takenoko token
  1. Place a plot:
  • Draw 3 plots.
  • Pick 1.
  • Place the rest, face down, under the draw pile.
  • Place the chosen plot.
    – Either, place it adjacent to the pond,
    – or, adjacent to 2 plots that are already placed there.
  • A section of bamboo of the same color can be grown.
  • For this, the plot must be irrigated. Either it:
    is adjacent to the pond
     has a watershed improvement,
    has an irrigation channel.
  1. Laying an irrigation channel:
  • Take 1 irrigation channel.
  • You can use it immediately.
  • Or you can place it on the individual card.
Placing irrigation channel
  • The channels always start from the pond to bring the water to the plots.
  • A channel is placed on one of the edges of a plot.
  • The first time a plot is irrigated, place 1 section of bamboo on it.
  • A channel can be placed between two plots that are edge to edge.
  • In this case, it irrigates the 2 plots at the same time.
  1. The gardener:
  • The gardener moves in a straight line by crossing as many squares as you wish.
  • Place 1 bamboo section on the irrigated patch it lands on and the adjacent irrigated patches of the same color.
  • A plot is limited to 4 sections of bamboo.
  1. Move the panda:
  • The panda moves just like the gardener.
  • Remove 1 section of bamboo from the patch where it stops.
  • This will be placed on the individual sheet.
  1. Choose a new objective:
  • Add 1 objective card to your hand.
  • You are limited to 5 cards per hand.

Completing an objective

  • As long as the conditions on a card are met, you may complete one or more objectives at any time during your turn.
  • To do this, lay the card face up on the table.

Plot objective: 

  • Create the configuration on the card.
  • The plots in question must be irrigated.

Gardener objective:

  • Grow the number of bamboo sections requested on a plot, respecting the improvement conditions on the card.

Panda objective:

  • Feed the panda with the bamboo sections on the card.
  • Refer to your individual sheet to find out if the objective has been met.
  • The sections of bamboo in question will then be returned to the reserve.

End of the Game

Number of playersobjectives to complete
  • The player who completes their last objective takes the Emperor card, which will earn them 2 additional points.
  • That player can complete more objectives during this final round.
  • At the end of the final round, the points earned by each completed objective card will be added up.

Winning the Game

  • The player with the highest point is declared the winner.
  • The objective cards that remain in hand do not count.
  • In the event of a tie, the player with the most points on the panda objective cards wins.

Official rules in PDF

Explore the official Takenoko rules in PDF.